Sport products and services

Passionate about sport at all levels, JLT Specialty’s Sport team focuses on the world of sport, from the elite athlete and world championships to local amateur events. We are committed to offering the widest coverage available at competitive pricing

How do our solutions work?

Our team protects your income and reputation from risk by providing innovative and bespoke insurance solutions. Working as part of your team, we can tailor our insurance services to meet your exact requirements. Our policies are specifically designed for:

  • International and National sport governing bodies
  • Event organisers
  • Professional sporting clubs, leagues, unions and associations
  • Individual sporting professionals 
  • Broadcasters, sports marketing agencies, promoters and sponsors.

Our products and services include:

Federation liability: Specifically written for international and national sports governing bodies and associations, Federation liability offers cover for Public Liability, Employers Liability, Office Holders Liability (Errors & Omissions and Directors' & Officers’ Liability)

Event cancellation: Designed to protect event organisers, rights holders and sports marketing agencies against financial loss following: cancellation, abandonment, postponement, curtailment, or relocation of an event. 

Event liability: This policy covers the event organiser against legal liability to a third party, following accidental bodily injury or damage to their property during their event. It also includes cost of defending against such an allegation. 

Sports club liability: Provides cover for Public Liability, Employers Liability, Errors & Omissions, and Directors' & Officers’ Liability for professional sports clubs.

Failure to broadcast: Designed to protect the broadcaster, event organiser or rights holders following transmission failure where contracts hold them responsible for repayment of rights fees, sponsorship or other event income. 

Sports group travel insurance: Medical expenses and travel cover for all personnel including athletes travelling on behalf of governing bodies, associations and clubs and unions. 

Group personal accident insurance: Provides fixed benefits compensation for groups of sporting professionals or officials, following death or disablement.

Individual personal accident and illness insurance: Offers protection for sporting professionals from loss of current and future earnings, following a career ending injury, temporary disablement, and accidental death. 

Contract bonus: This is designed to cover contractual bonuses paid to a professional team or individual, following a specific sporting achievement. The policy enables a sponsor or owner to set a budget for the bonus payment, instead of having greater potential liability at the end of a match, season or contract period.

Prize indemnity: Also known as promotional insurance, this policy provides indemnification insurance for a promotion where participants are offered an opportunity to win prizes following a specific sporting outcome. Instead of keeping cash reserves to cover the prizes, the promoter (insured) pays a premium to an insurer, which reimburses the insured if the prize is given away.

Risk management solutions: Our hands-on approach to the risk management process ensures we focus on the critical area of risk management programmes’ implementation. Often, a key area neglected or overlooked. We offer an online training system, which interacts with your sport to provide practical risk management training modules in issues including:

  • Public safety
  • Volunteer screening
  • Child protection
  • Discrimination
  • Venue and event management.

Interactive workshops: Working in partnership with our clients, we can identify their major business exposures by conducting a series of interactive workshops. This focus involves participants from all levels within your sport to ensure a complete assessment of the various risks and exposures. We design solutions in conjunction with workshop participants, which are financially viable and practical in implementation.

For further information, please contact Duncan Fraser, Senior Partner, JLT Sport on +44 (0)203 394 0480

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