Real Estate Insurance & Risk Management

JLT Specialty’s Real Estate team manages a cross-section of commercial and residential property clients ranging from FTSE 100 companies to individual property owners.

Real estate is our passion. Our success ultimately derives from our team of highly experienced insurance practitioners with a stronghold within the real estate sector. Whether our clients are funding, developing, buying, selling, building, holding or managing property portfolios - we understand the risks you face and the key services required.

Why work with us

Our vast experience in placing major property insurance portfolios gives us a high profile within the real estate sector. You will have access to our experience and know-how in structuring transactions and broking your business into the marketplace. Our impressive reputation as deal makers provides clients with some of the best solutions the insurance market is able to offer.

Our risk and insurance services include:

Residential PropertyResidential Property Insurance

We possess outstanding knowledge and experience in managing residential property insurance portfolios. We review your property portfolio and claims history and should your claims experience prove an issue, consider options that may include programme restructuring, and our claims management system gives us the ability to lay out the impact this would have on your programme. 

Legal IndemnitiesLegal Indemnities Insurance

Legal indemnity policies are designed to protect you against either a specific legal defect or an unknown title risk. This risk transfer creates asset protection and often allows a situation to be resolved in a more cost and time effective manner than standard legal routes. Our specialist team can provide covers from highly unusual legal defects to more standard risks such as restrictive covenants, access rights, rights to light and portfolio due diligence covers.

Due DilligenceDue Diligence Insurance

Our specific sector focused due diligence teams offer extensive knowledge and experience in placing and managing insurance portfolios across many sectors and domiciles. Our Real Estate team handles deals of all sizes and complexities and works with additional specialist resources as part of an integrated service.

Wholesale BrokerWholesale Broking

We offer brokers exclusive access to JLT’s market leading Real Estate offering. From our size and comprehensive market knowledge comes the leverage to negotiate better deals for brokers and their clients. This can include the ability to place risks which others brokers cannot, wider policy wordings, access to risk management support and technical expertise.


Real Estate



Premium SpendLargest London based  Real Estate Team£4bn+ developments  insured since 2015 4m sq metres developments insured  in London since 2015


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