JLT Specialty's Power team are specialists dedicated to helping clients within the power generation industry

Why our clients value us?

Our clients value us being by their side throughout the entire project life cycle, from the project planning stage through to the decommission phase. Our Power team helps to forecast and foresee the challenges, which are difficult and often costly to reverse once the project is underway.

We offer our clients

A dedicated team of experts in the field who understand every aspect of your business blueprint, providing risk management solutions, even for very complex and evolving risks.

Our experts

Each of our team members are handpicked for their specific area of expertise. They can cover every type of risk, for all areas of power generation asset ranging from traditional fossil fuel sources to nuclear and renewable energy. Because our specialists come from different backgrounds such as insurance, engineering, law and finance, we can better understand risks from multiple stakeholder views.

Why work with us?

Our clients range from independent power producers to large global utility companies. Our dedicated approach ensures we spend more time with our clients and on up-skilling our existing specialists. Our ethos centres on empowering our team specialists to be entrepreneurial and challenge the status quo of the insurance market. This ability is often required within the industry when faced with growing political, financial and environmental risks.

Client benefits

It's the unique way we deliver our service, which makes JLT an indispensable part of your team. As a client you benefit from our:

  • brokers who hold long-standing relationships within international power market hubs
  • specialists working to ensure you receive the most appropriate cover for the best price
  • dedicated claims personnel solely focused on advising the power industry
  • ability to help you to receive the right financial settlement for when it's required the most.

For further information, please contact Hamish Roberts on +44 (0)203 394 0471.

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