Mining insurance and risk management

Many areas of the mining industry are returning to profitability, having survived some of the most marginal operating environments seen in a decade, and they are maintaining their financial discipline as they do. The need to deliver robust growth in the face of commodity pricing volatility, to maximise project efficiency, to become leaner, and to outmanoeuvre the competition means partnering with the right insurance broker is paramount.

Mining investors have often been willing to take a significant degree of risk in order to operate and invest in volatile territories but today’s global resurgence of geopolitics means that the industry remains highly politicised and mining companies must therefore operate under increasing levels of close government scrutiny.

Mining companies around the world are also being held to greater account for environmental damages and obligations. These risks must be strategically managed in order for mining companies to operate, to be in a position to acquire or dispose of assets without long-tail liabilities. These are some of the many challenges facing the mining sector today.

Our global team of specialists understand mining risks spanning the entire project lifecycle. We manage a large and established client base of mining companies, contractors, traders, and financiers, across a range of commodities and regions. Our objective is simple: to provide our clients a competitive advantage by enhancing their resilience and empowering them to take risks.

Why our clients value us?

At JLT Mining, we do what we do exceptionally well. We don’t try to be everything to everyone. Proud of our Client First approach, we encourage you to make right choice of insurance partner. In all client relationships, we aim to be an extension of our client’s business and not simply a provider of insurance solutions.

What we offer to our clients

Our global teams have a broad knowledge and understanding of the risks mining presents, spanning a wide range of minerals and commodities. Combined with our strong trading relationships with lead mining insurers and reinsurers worldwide, this knowledge ensures we structure insurance coverage and risk management advice, along with providing support, which is appropriate for our client’s needs.

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What we do

As a team, we provide a service for the full mining life cycle duration, including:

  • Exploration and evaluation
  • Project finance 
  • Construction and commissioning 
  • Operations Sales and marketing 
  • Expansion Care and maintenance or closure. 

Our expertise

We place cover for mining clients across the globe. By combining our industry knowledge and strong trading relationships with leading mining insurers and re-insurers worldwide, we deliver a service to effectively manage your business risks with the best terms available.

Why work with us

We’re committed to delivering the highest level of service to our clients, and as a team we value long-term industry relationships. Our creative and specialist programme design and placement solutions are designed to give you confidence your risks are being effectively and comprehensively managed in the most cost-effective way. Claims are always at the forefront of our negotiations and our claims team are involved in every complex placement design.

Client benefits

It’s the way we deliver our service, which makes JLT Specialty an indispensable part of your team. As a client, you will benefit from our:

  • Collaborative approach across our group to find the best solutions for your risks
  • Dynamic and forward-thinking approach.
  • Innovative and creative programme designs.
  • Dedicated and highly respected placement and claims teams.
  • Strong relationships within the global insurance market place, including all professional mining markets



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