Life Science Insurance & Risk Management

Life sciences companies face a number of challenges that are inherent to their business, from the importance of ensuring their products are safe, to protecting their earnings. Added to that, they face a range of changing and emerging risks, from increasing regulatory scrutiny to supply chain complexities, sector consolidation, increasing litigation and concerns over data integrity.

Underpinning these challenges is the need to protect your company’s reputation, especially in the age of social media. A product recall, cyber-attack, or a clinical trial that goes wrong could have a massive impact on your brand within a matter of days, or even hours.

JLT helps companies including pharmaceutical firms, research organisations, medical device manufacturers, and specialty chemical companies to identify and manage their risks and put in place effective risk financing solutions.

Why our clients value us?

We have achieved this prominence by placing clients at the centre of everything we do: understanding your risks, thinking deeply about your needs and providing innovative solutions. We can manage your insurance requirements through our international network that operates in over 135 countries, giving you a single point of contact to deliver our expertise at both global and local levels.

What we do

We support you through improved insurance coverage and risk management practices and the creation of innovative insurance solutions, products and facilities. This is supplemented by:

  • Our leading Life Science and Chemicals conference
  • Regular life science bulletins
  • Value-added risk management services.

Our range of products and services, which are designed to meet your exact business requirements, include:

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Our expertise

Many of our Life Science team began their careers at leading companies within the industry. This extensive knowledge of the industry is the single most important factor in differentiating our approach. Our broking and claims specialists work as an integrated part of the team. We provide our clients with:

  • A client team unique to their specific circumstances
  • Our ability to negotiate broader, more cost-effective insurance programmes
  • Up-to-date risk management and insurance advice.

Why work with us

Many of our clients use our consultative skills as a stand-alone service. We have a successful track record of working with the world’s largest life science and chemical companies; transacting complex programmes, advising on risk scenarios and settling large claims. This experience equips us to deal with constantly evolving challenges on a daily basis.

Client benefits

It's the way we deliver our service which makes JLT Specialty an indispensable part of your team. As a client you benefit from our:

  • Commitment to service
  • Client first focused approach.



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