Numismatic dealers and collectors insurance

coin insurance

Our Numismatic team has been assisting coin dealers for over 20 years, a highly specialised group that has helped you manage your insurance moulded with your business.

At JLT we work to deliver you the highest standard, this means that behind your day-to-day contact there is a wider team that believes in providing a seamless service.

As specialist brokers, we have been instrumental in creating many of the Coin insurance products that the industry use today. Using our knowledge of the industry, the perils and risks associated to design a highly flexible contract with market competitive prices.

Coin dealers need:

  • Comprehensive premises coverage without large deductibles
  • Convention coverage built in with the ability to only pay for the exposure you use
  • Personal conveyance / walk around cover worldwide and with broad limits
  • Shipping Coverage larger size package limits for USPO or courier services without the need to file a declaration each time and the ability to only pay for the exposure you use

As a team we are proud that many clients have chosen to appoint us as their broker of choice for a very long time. To build these relationships we invest time getting to know you and your insurance needs. With a strong personal duty of care and an acute sense of accountability we will make ourselves available to you, always. 

We are much more than just a service provider, we are an extension of your business. 

For more information please directly contact Lee Taylor on +44 (0) 20 7466 6249 or email or Sarah-Jane Breen on +44 (0)20 7466 6213 or email

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