Insolvency funding solutions

25 May 2015

Following the recent astronomical rise in Court fees funding is now more significant than ever. Especially with regards to insolvency proceedings.

JLT are able to offer a comprehensive suite of solutions. JLT are working with a particular funder willing to fund disbursements and in some cases, even the costs of the insolvency practitioner.

Our funder is willing and able to provide the appropriate funding in order to pursue the debtor and recover monies owed to the estate. Alongside this we are able to provide the appropriate insurance meaning that a good claim can be confidently pursued without fear of adverse cover. We are of course able to obtain a fully deferred premium where there is no money available to fund this.  In addition to a deferred premium we can also obtain a self-insured premium, meaning that it is not payable in the event of an unsuccessful claim.

All new enquiries are vetted by our case managers. The team includes experienced underwriters and a qualified solicitor. Consequently the insurers we deal with have confidence in our approach and more significantly the due diligence already conducted on the case.

The product allows insolvency practitioners and solicitors to pursue a maximum recovery, safe in the knowledge that they have adequately protected their creditors’ interests. This scheme will ensure cases go on risk in a more timely and efficient manner thus leaving the Insolvency practitioners and Solicitors to seek the appropriate redress without delay or wasted costs.

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For further information please contact Sanjay Desai, Associate, Restructuring & Recovery Risks on +44 (0)20 7558 3145 or Mike Fallon, Client Service Manager, Restructuring & Recovery Risks on +44 (0)7818 584445