Support JLT’s Dean Mumm in the Borne Arctic Challenge 2018

JLT employee Dean Mumm is currently trekking to the North Pole as part of the Borne Arctic Challenge 2018 to raise money for research into the causes of premature birth.

Dean, a broker for JLT in Australia, is no stranger to physical challenges having been the Australian Wallabies 2015 World Cup Captain and former Exeter Chiefs Captain. In his latest challenge, he’ll be joined by leading explorer Alan Chambers MBE, ex-Marine commando Jason Fox (also star of the Channel 4 television series ‘SAS Who Dares Wins’), and England World Cup rugby player Will Greenwood MBE. The team will walk for eight hours a day across constantly moving sea ice whilst pulling a 60kg sledge with all of the essential supplies they need to survive in temperatures as low as -45ºC. In addition, the team will also brave unpredictable weather, shifting ice floes, and possible encounters with polar bears.

Premature birth is an issue that has personally affected Dean, having lost his daughter Sophie and son Henry from issues arising from preterm birth. Premature birth is the leading cause of childhood disability and death, and the money raised from the trek will be donated to Borne to fund vital research to identify the causes of premature birth.

You can read updates from Dean and the team and track their progress on the Borne Arctic Challenge 2018 webpage, and also show your support by making a donation.

Below is an image of the team who are brave enough to trek to the North Pole!

Borne Arctic Launch

Follow the journey across the North Pole here!

Day 1:

Dean Mumm

Photo credit to: Jake Turney and Will Douglas