Dividend Information

Dividend Reinvestment

JLT in conjunction with its registrars operates a Dividend Re-Investment Plan (DRIP) which offers shareholders a cost-effective way of adding to their holdings by using their dividends to buy additional shares each time a dividend is paid.  The only cost is a minimal £1.50 dealing charge plus Stamp Duty Reserve Tax at 0.5% of the cost of the shares purchased.  Any sums not used for the purchase of shares are retained by the registrars and added to the next dividend.  If you wish to take advantage of the DRIP, please contact the registrars.

Dividends Paid Amount Per Share Date of Payment
Interim 2018  12.7p  03-Oct-18 
Final 2017 21.8p 08-May-18
Interim 2017 12.2p 03-Oct-17
Final 2016 20.6p 04-May-17
Interim 2016 11.6p 03-Oct-16
Final 2015 19.5p 03-May-16
Interim 2015  11.1p 01-Oct-15
Final 2014 18.3p 06-May-15
Interim 2014 10.6p 01-Oct-14
Final 2013 17.1p 01-May-14
Interim 2013 10.1p 01-Oct-13
Final 2012 15.9p 01-May-13
Interim 2012 9.6p 01-Oct-12
Final 2011 14.8p 01-May-12
Interim 2011 9.2p 03-Oct-11
Final 2010 13.7p 04-May-11
Interim 2010 8.8p 04-Oct-10
Final 2009 12.5p 04-May-10
Interim 2009 8.5p 05-Oct-09
Final 2008 12.0p 01-May-09
Interim 2008 8.5p 06-Oct-08
Final 2007 12.0p 01-May-08
Interim 2007 8.5p 08-Oct-07
Final 2006 12.0p 27-Apr-07
Interim 2006 8.5p 09-Oct-06
Final 2005 12.0p 28-Apr-06
Interim 2005 8.5p 10-Oct-05
Final 2004 12.0p 28-Apr-05
Interim 2004 8.5p 11-Oct-04
Final 2003 12.0p 04-May-04
Interim 2003 8.5p 13-Oct-03
Final 2002 11.0p 02-May-03
Interim 2002 7.5p 14-Oct-02
Final 2001 9.4p 22-Apr-02
Interim 2001 6.6p 15-Oct-01
Final 2000 8.5p 14-May-01
Interim 2000 6.0p 16-Oct-00
Final 1999 7.75p 15-May-00
Interim 1999 5.5p 15-Nov-99
Final 1998 7.0p 17-May-99
Interim 1998 5.0p 16-Nov-98
Final 1997 5.5p 18-May-98
Second Interim 1997* 4.5p 17-Nov-97
LT Interim 1997** 6.25p 16-May-97
First Interim 1997*** 5.0p 05-Mar-97

* In 1997 Lloyd Thompson Group plc merged with JIB Group plc to form Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group plc. During that year two interim dividends were paid for the eighteen month period to 31 December 1997.

In addition, a separate dividend was paid to existing Lloyd Thompson Group shareholders to cover the change in accounting year end for Lloyd Thompson (LT) Group plc. The Lloyd Thompson interim dividend comprised 3.25p conventional dividend and 3p foreign dividend.

** Paid to JIB Group and Lloyd Thompson Group shareholders. 

*** Paid to Lloyd Thompson Group shareholders only.