Teenage hacker jailed for malware attacks

06 June 2017

Last month a UK man was sentenced to two years in prison having been found guilty of launching a string of cyber attacks from his Hertfordshire home.

Adam Mudd, who was 16-years old at the time, was responsible for hundreds of attacks against businesses, educational bodies and local authorities. During the court case it was revealed that he personally carried out 594 distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against 181 IP addresses between December 2013 and March 2015.

Mudd also created and sold malware to cyber criminals, which was used to hack websites around the world, including those of Minecraft, Xbox Live and Microsoft.

Bedroom breaches

Operating from his bedroom, Mudd created the Titanium Stresser malware program, which is thought to have been responsible for more than 1.7 million cyber attacks worldwide. The malware had 112,000 registered users and was used to attack 666,000 IP addresses globally, according to the court.

He is thought to have earned GBP 386,000 from selling the program to cyber criminals, although his activities were thought to have cost his victims millions of pounds. Gaming website RuneScape spend GBP 6 million trying to defend itself against the attacks.

He attacked over 70 schools and colleges, including the University of Cambridge, University of Essex and University of East Anglia, as well as local councils.

In sentencing Mudd, who has autism, the judge said that he hoped the sentence would be a real deterrent to others.

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