NHS hit by large scale cyber attack

12 May 2017

The NHS’s recent announcement that a massive nationwide cyber-attack has caused hospital trusts to experience IT problems is likely to dominate tomorrow’s newspaper headlines. 

Details are scant at the moment but at least one NHS hospital has shut down its systems and is telling patients not to come in. Cyber-attacks on healthcare providers are nothing new and the sector remains one of the most heavily targeted by assailants due to the sensitive nature of patient information held. 

Today’s case is particularly concerning for two major reasons. First, the NHS provides healthcare to the majority of UK citizens so the disruptive scale of the incident is potentially huge. Secondly current reports that patients are being turned away is concerning. 

Cyber insurance is increasingly being bought by healthcare providers who are keen to protect themselves from security breaches, ransomware attacks and business interruption. While it is too early to determine the nature and motivation of today’s attack having cyber insurance in place is no longer an option but a must. 

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