Brexit and the General data protection regulation

26 August 2016

Main features in this issue:

General data protection regulation: no clean break in Brexit

The referendum has given rise to a range of cyber security concerns, from increasing phishing attacks to reductions in intelligence sharing. Time will tell, but a more immediate danger for businesses might come from complacency and uncertainty over data protection requirements.

Time for governments to step up on cyber?

The US government should start publicly blaming nation states responsible for cyber attacks, according to the former chair of the US House of Representatives’ Intelligence Committee. Responding to a question on Microsoft’s recent “cyber security norms” whitepaper, Mike Rogers agreed there should be “international rules of the road” to determine how nation states behaved – particularly as the Internet of Things grows.

Finance’s cyber focus continues

The finance sector continues to boost its cyber security following recent attacks. Others should take note. Major finance sector player CME Group is on a recruitment drive to put together a new cyber security team. Reports note that the company is hiring across offices in New York, Chicago, Houston, Belfast and Bangalore to bolster its defences.

Surviving the cyber crime war

UK businesses are presently losing the “cyber arms race,” but they can still live to fight another day if they have the right defences. According to the UK’s National Crime Agency report, cyber criminals are gaining the upper hand: “The accelerating pace of technology and criminal cyber capability development currently outpaces the UK’s collective response to cyber crime.”

Driving cyber everywhere

Data from autonomous vehicles is one of the many challenges insurers and others will have to deal with as the UK moves towards putting driverless cars on the road, according to a report from insurer Axa.

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