Risk Specialist Magazine - December 2016

10 February 2017

We are proud to launch the 21st edition of our Risk Specialist magazine, which provides news, opinions and advice on risk and insurance topics affecting large corporations, both in the UK and overseas.

In this edition we cover:

  • Market insights - JLT Specialty experts outline the state of the insurance market and deliver tips to manage the challenges.
  • Claims benchmarking - How unique research into insurers’ claims performance has resulted in better value and service for clients.
  • Risk modelling - Firms are seeking to optimise insurable risk transfer and retention strategies to protect their balance sheets.
  • Theft, fraud & corruption - A growing threat to companies. But what does such a broad range of perils really mean in practice?
  • Duty of care - Firms have a duty of care to ensure that, if disaster strikes, their staff are brought to safety as quickly as possible.
  • Building infrastructure - Economic growth is hindered by failing or insufficient infrastructure; strategic scheduling is crucial.
  • Aviation and cyber risks - The airline industry has embraced automation and technology but this is giving rise to cyber dependency risks.

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