How property owners could be preparing for winter

27 November 2017

The winter months provide property owners with a host of additional risks associated with the inclement weather. A renewed focus on risk management can mitigate any potential losses and protect owners, tenants and managing agents from costly business interruptions.

We have worked with our strategic risk management partners, S2 Partnership, as well as leading insurer, RSA, to put together some advice on how to identify and mitigate potential exposure to the leading risks of the season.

Property Damage Exposures

Cold or extreme weather presents additional risks to the fabric of a building. Preventing such damage from occurring in the first place should be a priority as even relatively minor damage can affect the business operations of the tenant, leading to potentially substantial loss of rent and business interruption, as well as property damage claims.

Property claim frequency amongst JLT clients increases 22% during autumn/ winter compared with spring/ summer. Certain claims, such as storm damage, increase nearly 60% during these winter months.

Developing a prudent inspection, testing and maintenance procedure prior to the onset of the worst of the weather will help identify problem areas of a building and will go some way to minimising potential damage. S2 Partnership provides onsite inspections, consultancy and training along with their online property risk management software to help property managers and owners manage risks, such as those listed below:

  • Freezing temperatures, causing burst water pipes and tanks
  • Storm
  • Flooding

Liability Exposures

The winter months will increase the likelihood of a host of risks associated with property ownership; however it will also introduce exposure to some more unusual situations which may not immediately come to mind such as:

  • Slips and trips
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Rough sleepers
  • Fire risk- smokers

We explore all these points further in our bulletin and provide some simple steps on how to avoid and mitigate these type of situations.

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