Real Estate Insurance & Risk Management

Real estate is a fundamental building block of our economy and any risks to this sector can affect the country as a whole. Companies need a risk management strategy that provides certainty for your stakeholders and delivers a cost effective solution to deliver on your project goals.

Throughout the lifecycle of your property investments; from site acquisition, design, construction and the on-going asset management, we will become a strategic partner to help implement this approach.

We know that insurance is something that should be as painless as possible in terms of costs and time. Whatever challenges you, your partners and your tenants may be facing, we have the best people within our team to help. Our real estate team manages a cross-section of commercial and residential property clients ranging from FTSE 100 companies to individual property owners.

Real estate is our passion. Our success ultimately derives from our team of highly experienced insurance practitioners with a stronghold within the real estate sector. Whether our clients are funding, developing, buying, selling, building, holding or managing property portfolios - we understand the risks you face and the key services required.


Real Estate What we do
Real Estate What we do

As a specialist real estate broker we have a dedicated team to manage the full spectrum of property transactions, encompassing pre and post transaction requirements such as:

Commercial and residential insurance
We review your property portfolio and claims history and make recommendations on restructuring your insurance placement. Our team provides informed proposals on risk management with options for improving premiums and minimising the inconvenience of claims.

Legal indemnities insurance
During a land or asset purchase you can encounter title issues that can delay completion or put future developments at risk. Our specialist team can help to create unique wordings that suit the specific nature of your site. These wordings take into consideration third parties and can be placed for existing properties or for developments pre and post-planning.

M&A insurance
M&A insurance enables sellers to achieve a clean exit following completion of a deal. We can help buyers receive the financial protection they need through a tailored insurance policy covering the warranties and tax covenant given as part of the sale.

Due diligence insurance
Providing finance for a real estate acquisition, you need to be sure that the asset in question is adequately protected - we can advise you on the drafting of the insurance requirements under your loan facility agreement. We will review the borrowers’ insurance against this standard, providing you with the confidence that they are compliant and offer simple, cost-effective solutions to any shortcomings.

Construction insurance
For 30 years, our construction team have worked in partnership with our clients, delivering innovative solutions which shape the construction insurance industry. Our construction team works across the breadth of building, civil works, engineering risks and facilities management.


We can arrange the following insurance cover:

Should subsidence occur to a property built on made up land or landfill, there is a standard market exclusion which can be negotiated on during renewal.

Whilst insurer attitudes towards covering a lenders interest have become much more flexible, we would advise you to engage with your broker at the earliest opportunity to review the insurance requirements, and to then negotiate a compromise position where both the lender and insurer are comfortable.

This is a very specialist area of law, and you will need to consult with specialist rights to light surveyors. Engaging early with a specialist broker can ensure that they work with your advisors to devise a strategy to deal with the risk in the most cost and time effective manner.

Legal indemnity policies are designed to protect you against either a specific legal defect or an unknown title risk. This risk transfer creates asset protection and often allows a situation to be resolved in a more cost and time effective manner than standard legal routes. Our specialist team can provide covers from highly unusual legal defects to more standard risks such as restrictive covenants, access rights, rights to light and portfolio due diligence covers.

Your insurance broker would defend any challenges to your insurance policy by reviewing the lease obligations in conjunction with the query raised, and then highlighting the appropriateness of your programme.


£100m+ premium placed into the London market£ 4bn+ developments insured since 20154m square metres insured in London since 2015Largest London based real estate team


  • We are a team who will respond quickly and pride ourselves on being available to you when you need us most. We know this is crucial to you and your businesses success and will do everything we can to deliver at the point required
  • All of our central capabilities are under one roof allowing us to provide a smooth and integrated service. This enables us to give you advice on any area at any point during our service to you whenever it is needed, aligned to the programme
  • Our strong relationships to the right insurers in the market, dealing with them every day, means that we can leverage not only the price but also the coverage
  • We have the ability to overcome any challenge you might face. We have a dedicated team of specialists, focused on this sector. The majority have more than 25 years’ experience. But what really stands us apart is our people - we employ market leading specialists who enjoy and value their work
  • We involve our dedicated claims management experts at the outset for their insights when designing insurance programmes. We use their expertise to avoid any ambiguities in the wording and we work with markets that are claims responsive.

Case Studies

Real Estate Case Study

50% Premium reduction
We were appointed in 2010 and inherited an insurance programme with varying insurance carriers, renewal dates and basis of coverage across 13 European territories. Following detailed discussions with the individual fund managers, we improved a group insurance programme with a standard broader basis of coverage, lower premium cost and common renewal date with an agreed panel of insurers.

In addition, we negotiated a significant risk management fund to be made available by the insurers, to be utilised on the robust risk management strategy designed and managed by JLT. Over a five year period we retained the appointment and installed a JLT member of staff to act as in-house risk and insurance manager (at no cost to the client), reducing client exposures and reducing premium levels by a further 50%.

Real Estate Case Study

Rights to light Strategy
One of our clients recently offered funding on a development an insurance policy was already in place. The policy did not allow neighbourly matters and these were later discovered to be necessary to facilitate the development. We highlighted this deficiency but our client advised us that the developer’s insurer was not willing to offer any changes to the policy.

This left the developer with an unsavoury choice: changing their rights of light strategy or paying for another policy. We were able to provide a right of light policy to ensure that any possible compensation can be capped/budgeted for, with the insurance policy picking up the “unknown” costs above that budgeted figure.

Claims capabilities

Our claims people are an integral and critical part of JLT. The strong team works close to the market, alongside our client-facing teams in London. We will:

  • Manage insurer and loss adjuster performance
  • Provide vital management information reports
  • Hold bi-annual claims review meetings
  • Discuss claims trends for large and/or contentious claims.

Through this joined up approach we have established a reputation for getting results and resolving long running complex claims, whilst providing first-class service. We have:

  • A proactive approach to claims management contactable 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Excellent working relationships with all leading carriers
  • Excellent working relationships with all leading loss adjusters
  • Access to Echelon Claims Consultants  for large and complex losses.

Risk management

Risk management is an important function of any real estate business and recognising the specialist nature of the real estate sector we partner with a number of the industry’s leading providers in order to offer a suite of risk management services, such as leak detection, thermographic testing site audits, fire risk assessments, crisis management reviews, claims defensibility and provision of training. Our risk management partners include: S2 Partnership, Smartwater, Red Current, LeakSafe and VPS.

Wholesale broking

Wholesale Case study

We offer brokers exclusive access to JLT’s market leading real estate team. With our size and comprehensive market knowledge we have the leverage to negotiate better deals for brokers and their clients.

We have access to the whole London market and have the ability to place risks which others brokers simply cannot.

Our bespoke JLT wording includes many enhancements to insurer’s standard policies and by working with us, you and your clients have access to our team of industry experts, our risk management facilities and all the support we can offer.

Real Estate Wholesale

We adopt a partnership approach to working with our brokers. We work with all types of brokers, from property owner specialists, large regionals and smaller independent brokers.

Several brokers have asked us to place all their property owners business into the market,  allowing the broker more time to spend with their clients.

Case Study

Risk management funding

A broker approached us with their largest client, a property owner’s portfolio paying circa GBP 1 million premium.

One of the properties in the portfolio, a large block of student flats, was suffering large numbers of escape of water claims which meant the holding insurers renewal terms were prohibitive and the rest of the market were declining to quote to the broker. The broker was worried they might lose their client if they sought an alternative solution elsewhere.

We were able to use our market relationship with a leading insurer to put together a risk management led programme, with the insurer providing a risk management fund to stop future losses with no additional premium increase, we were also able to enhance the broker’s remuneration.

The result being the broker retained his client and the client now has a vastly improved risk,  thanks to the risk management funding. They also benefit from a more enhanced policy wording.

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