Condition-based maintenance - a smart investment?

03 February 2014

Out of the Blue is a regular newsletter which aims to harness the expertise and knowledge of JLT to provide a unique insight into some industry's less explored areas.

Main features in this issue:

Condition-based maintenance a smart investment?

In tough trading times, investments in new technology have often been subject to much scepticism over their true return on investment, but for condition-based maintenance this is now beginning to change. With the ability to monitor in real-time the performance of equipment, ship-owners are now able to identify and prevent catastrophic failures of equipment and thus reduce their costs, as well as improving their fleet's efficiency.

Meet the MENA Team - Interview with John O'Flaherty

Since the spring of 2013, JLT Specialty has been building its marine capability in MENA and when, on the 1 October 2013, Capt. Abhijit Naik joined the JLT marine team based in the Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC), the final component of the largest and most experienced marine team in the region fell into place.

Holy Ship - Wreck Removal Issues in the 21st Century 

The 21st century has seen the most complex and costly wreck removals of all time, most notably the MSC Napoli, MSC Chitra and Costa Concordia. Each has experienced unique modern challenges. This article examines these challenges and comments on how they could be overcome.

This issue also includes...

  • News in Brief - Rounding up the latest news and developments from the world of insurance
  • Complex claims handling
  • Lawsuits
  • Piracy Issues

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