The financial impact of the Affordable Care Act

17 March 2015

Welcome to the February 2015 edition of JLT Specialty’s regular newsletter on issues facing the life science industry.

In this edition our feature article is on the financial impact of the Affordable Care Act for insurers. Plus our regular sections such as news from the regulatory world, product development and company news.

Main features in this issue:

The Financial Impact of the Affordable Care Act

It is estimated that global population growth will double from 4 billion in 1974 to 8 billion in 2025. The stress of the growth rate on individual economies has been well documented. Striking a balance between providing healthcare provisions to citizens whilst maintaining growing costs has received a lot of attention from legislators, regulators and of course tax payers.

Regulatory & legal update

Government authorities across the globe are increasing their budget allocations to fight chronic diseases such as cancer.

Merger & Acquisitions News

Increasing number of drugs going off patent and lack of innovation at big pharma companies has been driving M&A transactions.

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