Livestock & Cattle Insurance for Agribusiness Industry

Demand for animal and dairy protein is increasing at an exponential rate as the world's populations grows and western diets are adopted on a global scale. Breeding programmes and genetic editing can improve production returns but can also leave animals more susceptible to disease and climatic conditions.

In addition disease pandemic remains a real threat for many farmed species. The increasing severity of extreme weather conditions can also result in animal mortalities over wide areas.

On the plus side the increasing use of agri-tech to monitor animal health and control enclosed environments is providing more risk management tools for the livestock industry.

We understand the perils of livestock farming, where and how it fits into the food supply chain and how the risk landscape is changing for producers. We can help arrange insurance to ensure companies are protected in the event of a loss.


JLT carries the experience and knowledge to design, structure and assist livestock companies to arrange insurance programmes that suit their needs and to compliment insurance protection with a range of risk management services.

We focus on livestock risks, providing insurance for large commercial farms, vertically integrated producers, contract growers, owner operated farms, zoos and aquariums, transporters and shippers.

Our capabilities include non-damage business interruption, product contamination and reputational risks for fresh meat, dairy and egg producers, as well as property and liability risks.

Our food & agricultural team place livestock risks worldwide for a wide variety of species, including:

  • Cattle – dairy and feedlot
  • Pigs
  • Poultry
  • Marine mammals and aquariums
  • Dogs – working and breeding
  • Various other species including camelids, deer, exotic and zoological



Our global food and agriculture practice offers expert support and long-term commitment to your sector. Here’s what makes us different:

  • We focus on the entire food supply chain, giving you a comprehensive overview of your risks and how to manage them
  • We offer access to a wide range of insurance products and can negotiate broad, cost-effective solutions
  • Our team consists of people that specialise in food and agriculture, so you always deal with someone who understands your challenges
  • Our in-house claims team has in-depth expertise in managing even the most complex claims and resolving disputes
  • We offer a genuinely global service; our network covers more than 135 countries and our global portfolio of food and agriculture business allows us to share useful bench marking data
  • We host regular industry events including an international food and agriculture conference to help clients learn more about how to manage their risks
  • Our investment in research – such as our recent project to map the disease risks of the fresh meat industry in Europe – shows our commitment to leading the industry on key issues.


Mortality cover is typically provided on the basis of one of the following:

Death or humane destruction as a result of any accident, sickness or disease

Death or humane destruction resulting from specified perils such as: fire, lightning, explosion and weather perils

Standard cover can be extended to include bespoke extensions according to your specific requirements, especially when we can demonstrate high standards of husbandry, biosecurity, animal health and welfare, and a track record of excellence in farm management.

Additional extensions available:

Covers death as a result of government ordered slaughter

Covers death as a result of rises in temperature

Loss of livestock following theft

Death as a result of machinery breakdown/failure

Covers certain financial losses incurred as a result of insured losses

Air, sea and road

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