Building Knowledge

05 June 2019

Welcome to Building Knowledge, where you will find a series of educational videos from our global construction experts. We will be exploring, in detail, the various insurances available for the construction industry. New recordings will be appearing soon, so if you don’t find what you are looking for please do check back or get in touch with one of the team.

Watch our videos:

First video

Employers Liability

First in our Building Knowledge series we look at employer’s liability (EL) insurance. Ryan Bond, an Associate in the Global Contractors Group explains what EL insurance is and why it’s important within the construction industry. Ryan clarifies what is covered under an EL policy, why companies have to take it out, what constitutes an employee and the key characteristics of EL insurance. 

Second construction knowledge video

Crime Insurance

Nicholas Orr, an Associate in our Global Contractors Group talks about crime insurance and what it covers. Nicholas discusses the risks that construction companies face in relation to crime insurance, the current situation in the crime market and how it has reached this position. He provides an overview on social engineering and how it can be used to commit a crime and explains how you can defend against fraudulent impersonation.

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