Cash Logistic Insurance

Businesses operating in the cash logistics area face some unique challenges. High-value goods bring high risks, from employee theft to kidnap. Technological advances are creating new opportunities for criminals, and fluctuating currency rates, along with growing regulation are making day-to-day operations more difficult.

To overcome these challenges, you need to protect your business properly. This means using a broker that really understands your industry, and has the expertise and experience to make sure your coverage adapts to reflect your risks.

JLT’s cash logistics team is a highly specialist and experienced group of insurance brokers. In the 30 years we’ve been doing business, we’ve used our market-leading expertise and experience to broker cash logistic insurance. And because we’ve focused on this niche for so long, we’ve been able to build strong relationships with a multitude of insurers.

This combination of experience and specialism means that however unusual your insurance need, you know we’ll have dealt with it before.


Our dedicated team offers specialist insurance for clients in the following areas:

Cash Logistic


The transporting and storage of banknotes, coins or other items of value is a high-risk activity that requires comprehensive coverage and fast, effective claims management.

We have specialist knowledge, as well as colleagues who’ve worked in your industry and have access to leading third-party risk management. So whether you’re a cash in transit firm or a wholesale currency trader, we can design and broker full flexible coverage for your cash, while improving your controls so you hopefully never need to make a claim.


More and more institutions now offer ATMs. But as technology evolves, so do the risks. Today’s criminals can use malware to trick an ATM into releasing all its cash, and tomorrow will bring fresh challenges.

We place coverage for some of the biggest players in this area, so we’re always up to speed on the risks. Our scale also means we can challenge the market to keep up. As a result, your policy will cover you for the latest risks to your cash, as well as the cost of repairing your ATM and any interruption to its service.

Cash Logistic


Typically, a bureau de change company has a number of operations in various locations, all holding currency – so it’s important to be well protected. At the same time, if you have 50 branches, they aren’t all going to get flooded or experience employee theft.

We work with third-party risk assessors to establish what’s a realistic level of risk for you. Then we use our in-depth understanding of your industry and business to negotiate the right level of coverage, for the right price.


Cheque cashing has changed dramatically in recent years. Regulation has increased, and while the industry has shrunk since 2008, cashers are now performing a wider range of transactions - from remittances to money orders.

This raises new risks that require specific coverage. We’ve used our influence in the market to create a wording for cheque cashers, so the policy you buy will be totally tailored to you, while being simple and clear.


With valuables being transported across the globe on a daily basis, it is important that you have a specialist valuables in transit policy for your peace of mind. A specialist policy will provide coverage and limits that are broad enough to protect all types valuable goods and cash that you hold on behalf of others.

Whether you are a cash-in-transit firm, a bureau de change, a safety deposit box firm or a precious metals bullion trader, the insurance coverage can be specifically tailored to meet your individual needs. In fact, any firm that stores or transports valuable goods can have the insurance policy designed to meet its unique requirements.

Insurers typically provide coverage on an all risks basis (for physical loss or damage), which includes employee infidelity. The protection is offered whether the goods are in storage or in transit. In simple terms, if the peril is not specifically excluded, it is covered by the policy.

Due to the nature of the goods (cash, precious metals or other valuables of any nature), one of the most prominent risks is employee theft. It is therefore important that your policy addresses this exposure adequately.

The policy's coverage can be extended to include various enhancements. These include loss of revenue, elements of invalid wire transfer payments and cyber crime.

A limited number of exclusions can be found within a cash and valuables insurance policy. These include confiscation, war on land and terrorism. It is, however, possible to purchase additional war on land and terrorism insurance.


Still not sure if we're the right broker for you? Here are four more reasons to trust our team:


Because we’ve worked in this niche for so long, we understand how your industry – and risks – have evolved. Through our membership of industry bodies and associations, we stay up-to-date with what’s happening in your sector. And we can talk to both you and the insurance market in a language you understand.


Our team is highly focused and totally dedicated to specie and cash logistics. This laser-like attention means we’ll always look for the most tailored and competitive solution for you – not a more general one, which might cost more and leave you exposed.


As well as our colleagues in the Fine Art, Jewellery and Specie team, we also work closely with other teams in JLT Specialty and the wider Group, such as financial institutionscredit, political and security risk and cargo. So if you need specialist risk management advice, we can refer you to leading experts in your field.


In the event that you need some advice or to make a claim, our market-leading service and claims management team can help. Our dedicated claims team, which sits next to us in our London HQ, will take the time to understand your business, fight your corner and process your claim quickly and efficiently.

Case Study

Cash Logistic


A family run armoured car client that operates several terminals across one continent suffered a loss. On this particular day, the employee responsible for opening the terminal arrived about 15 minutes early, he waited in the parking lot for his partner who assisted him to arrive. While waiting he was attacked by several men with guns threatening to kill him if he didn’t give them access. 

JLT heard from one of the business owners shortly after the incident. The two employees had eventually been released without being harmed; however, the owner was fully aware they had not followed company procedures that could have prevented the loss. The owners were fearful that the insurance company would not cover the claim due to the breach of operating procedures. On top of this, the owners were aware that the majority of the missing cash was the property of their largest banking client, which created added pressure. 

We immediately understood the issues our client faced and the fact that procedures had not been followed. We therefore agreed a daily call with the clients to keep them fully updated. We recommended the most suitable loss adjuster for this case and they arrived within 36 hours of the event, with the first report being issued to underwriters within three days. The clients concerns over the policy wording were unfounded as it made no reference to their procedures and contained phrasing to the effect that in the unfortunate event that the operating procedures were breached this would not affect the liability of the policy.

Our experience tells us that in many cases, operational breaches often occur during loss events and it is important to address this within the policy to remove any doubts in respect to liability.

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