One up, One down Insurance

A number of owners own two or more aircraft but can, clearly, only fly one aircraft at a time!

A “one up, one down” policy offers an owner a slight discount on the equivalent cost of arranging two (or more) policies.

Calculating the discount varies, but a policy with this option should offer an overall discount of between 10 – 15% depending on aircraft values and liability limits.

This option can only be applied to a policy where there is only 1 named pilot on the policy!

If an owner has more aircraft, a fleet policy may offer a better overall discount, although it is worth getting a quote for both options.

Fleet policies are generally offered on “fleets” of 3 or more aircraft.

The primary advantage of a fleet policy is the bulk purchasing discount offered. It is not automatically necessary for all the aircraft to be insured on the same basis, to obtain the benefits of a fleet policy.