Glider Insurance

We can arrange insurance for commercial glider operators, flight training schools and private glider owners based in the UK and EU zone. We understand what glider owners and operators need from your glider insurance policy –a policy that covers the unique flight capabilities of gliders; outstanding service; expert advice and a quick turnaround time for the delivery of your insurance policy documents.

Insurance to Consider

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance essentially provides cover against loss, damage or injury to third parties which include passengers, cargo, mail and baggage. Although different insurers may offer slightly different policy limits and definitions, they do not generally provide cover for the pilot in command (of an aircraft) or the actual aircraft.

You must also carry evidence of this insurance onboard the aircraft at all times.

It is a legal requirement for any aircraft flying in the UK to have a minimum amount of liability insurance, as required by EU legislation. The minimum insurance requirements are set out in Regulation EC785/2004. This legislation applies to all EU countries and similar regulations apply in most other countries worldwide.For information on the EU limits, visit

Glider Hull Insurance

Glider policies generally cover the glider trailer and equipment needed in glider operations when there is an accidental loss or damage, up to an amount not exceeding the agreed value. (When a policy is arranged on an agreed value basis, the sum assured to be paid is predetermined.)

The risks of theft or loss of equipment is also generally covered while it is inside or outside the airfield perimeter; inside the insured’s private domicile or its integral or adjacent garage; or on secured premises where the insured normally keeps the insured glider and equipment.