Airside Vehicle Liability Insurance

A risk that general aviation owners and operators need to consider relates to taking motor cars “airside.” In the UK, it is usual for a standard motor policy to exclude cover while a vehicle is 'airside'.

Does your business involve going airside at an airport? You may only go airside once or twice a year - perhaps to make a delivery, pick-up or have a meeting with a business contact.

If you go airside, it is likely that your general public liability and vehicle insurance policies will not cover you for an incident airside or will only provide a limited amount of cover, compared to the potential exposure.

For example, if you are a private owner visiting a small airfield, perhaps loading up your aircraft, towing a glider or simply driving around aircraft equipment, a standard car insurance policy may not cover against loss or damage to your own vehicle or any third-party property. As an owner or operator you should check the scope of any compulsory motor insurance policy to clarify if you have cover under this situation.

How does Airside Vehicle Liability Insurance work?

In the UK some insurers will extend cover to include this additional exposure or a separate airside liability policy can also be arranged on an annual basis to provide adequate insurance cover. Internationally, insurers may offer alternative solutions that you will need to consider.

Cover is not restricted to UK airports or any one airport authority/operator but your business does have to be UK domiciled/registered. Cover excludes activities in the USA and Canada, although cover can be provided by way of a tailor made policy to cover these countries.

You can choose the limit you require from as little as £1,000,000 to £100,000,000 on either a 24 hours (per risk basis) or on an annual basis.

This scheme is insured with a leading international Insurance Company, regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

General policy conditions do apply and the scheme excludes losses arising from war and allied perils, asbestos, products liability, claims covered under the UK Road Traffic Act, noise and pollution, radioactive contamination and any incidents covered by your existing Employers Liability insurance policy.

Many airport operators now require contractors to have their own airside liability cover (or are requesting higher limits that in the past). Purchasing this insurance cover will mean that you can do business airside and protect your company at the same time.