Business Aviation Insurance

Often referred to as Private Aviation, Hayward Aviation are a specialist Business Aviation / Private Aviation insurance broking team. We arrange aviation insurance cover for over 1,000 Business Aviation jet and corporate helicopters, globally.

Business aviation serves a unique market sector of private owners, users and travellers for whom the travel experience is often beyond simply flying first class on a commercial passenger jet. Flying Private Aviation offers travellers complete control over the journey, right from departure time (and place), to in-flight service to arrival time (and place). Private jet owners, operators and travellers expect a world class, professional service.

Arranging insurance for a business aviation aircraft is broadly similar to that for an airline or general aviation risk

Insurances for Standard Aviation Risks

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance essentially provides cover against loss, damage or injury to third parties, which include passengers, cargo, mail and baggage. Although different insurers may offer slightly different policy limits and definitions, they do not generally provide cover for the pilot in command of an aircraft or the actual aircraft.

You must also carry evidence of this insurance onboard the aircraft at all times.

It is a legal requirement for any aircraft flying in the UK to have a minimum amount of liability insurance, as required by EU legislation. The minimum insurance requirements are set out in Regulation EC785/2004. This legislation applies to all EU countries and similar regulations apply in most other countries worldwide.For information on these EU limits, visit

Hull Insurance

A hull insurance indemnifies a loss or damage to your own aircraft.

Hull insurance policies are generally arranged on an agreed value basis, where the value of the aircraft is agreed in advance. In the event of a total loss, insurers will payout the agreed value, rather than the current market value.

It is important to set a realist agreed value sum insured. If you choose a value below the true value of the aircraft Insurers may, at the time of a loss, decide to declare the loss uneconomical to repair and then agreed a claim based on the agreed value. This may not fairly reflect the cost of replacement. If you, however, overvalue your aircraft, insurers may elect, when you suffer a significant loss, to repair the aircraft rather than 'write it off' even if you wish to have the aircraft declared a total loss.

Additional Insurances

In addition to the standard aviation risks an aircraft faces, Private Aviation owners and operators may also need to consider other types of insurances. Specifically:

Aviation Hull War Insurance

This additional hull policy provides cover for loss of the aircraft due to war, hijack, confiscation, malicious damage and other similar risks.

Private jets frequently fly to hazardous destinations (where commercial airlines don’t) and the risk of confiscation by local aviation authorities, hijack, malicious damage and war risks along with the associated risks to the crew.

Crew Insurance

It is common for pilots and crew flying corporate jets to be provided with an enhanced employee benefits package that includes loss of licence cover, personal accident cover and travel insurance.