Aviation Safety

Hayward Aviation has been actively involved with the UK General Aviation Council (GASCo) for over 10 years, to promote safety flying for pilots of all aviation forms.

Commercial airlines place passenger safety at the very core of their businesses and through our commitment to various safety campaigns Hayward Aviation continues to encourage and support aviation safety initiatives to the wider benefit of the aviation industry.

The cornerstone of any safety programme is a structured risk identification and assessment process.  In recent years aviation authorities around the world have increasingly sought to introduce risk assessments and safety programmes across all aspects of aviation.  Hayward Aviation endorse and support all such initiatives.

Over the years the aviation industry has had its share of losses – from the earliest days of aviation to the highly technical and complex work of space flight.  Insurance companies provide policies for  catastrophe losses but an on-going programme of education and awareness is essential to minimise or avoid the avoidable or unnecessary losses that occur every day in the general aviation world.

Hayward Aviation is proud to specifically support the Safety Evenings run by the GASCo which number over 50 free-to-attend safety evenings a year, around the UK, for pilots of all aircraft makes and models; designed to make pilots stop and think about their flying, to lower the risk of loss from whatever cause.

In association with GASCo we have produced a range of safety related posters which address the key General Aviation Safety six safety outcomes identified by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

Please click on the relevant Aviation Safety posters you would like to download: