General Aviation insurance

General aviation is one of the most dynamic and diverse sectors of the aerospace industry. Businesses and private aircraft owners operating in this sector face some unique challenges.

Complex and onerous certification processes and changing regulatory requirements continue to make day-to-day operations more difficult, as do rising costs and regional economic instability. Rapid advances in technology bring higher value repair costs and claims while simultaneously adding complexity and change. The rise of unmanned aerial systems and unmanned aerial vehicles are also introducing a host of new safety threats that must be actively managed.

To overcome these challenges, you need to protect your business properly. This means using a broker that understands your industry, and has the expertise and experience to ensure that you have the right insurance in place to protect your current and future business activities.

We provide insurance broking services for general aviation clients throughout the world, from single aircraft to commercial fleets and business jets. We also arrange rotor-wing aircraft, gliders and drone insurance, plus ground-based risks such as fixed base operators, airports and other aerospace service providers.


General Aviation

We would support you throughout your day-to-day operations, providing you with the necessary resources, advice and guidance to ensure your business receives the most competitive advantage and best level of protection.

Our general aviation team consists of some of the most experienced general aviation insurance specialists in the industry, including qualified pilots and former aerospace engineers. We work daily with insurance and reinsurance markets around the world and have a wealth of experience when it comes to the design and management of general aviation insurance programmes.

Our market position, aviation industry knowledge and specific understanding of general aviation and the unique risks associated with this sector, places us in a strong and informed position to deliver the appropriate insurance solutions for you.

General Aviation

We can ensure that your policy coverage meets your operational needs and changing exposures.

We have experience working with fixed wing operators, military fleets, airport/airfield/helipad operators, flight training schools, aerospace service providers, rotor wing operators, business aviation / VIP/VVIP, airships, balloons, gliders, vintage racing aircraft and drones/UAVs.

Our team would provide you with a comprehensive service in connection with the placement and on-going management of your insurance programme, including expert support in the key areas of claims handling, contractual review and risk management.

Key Stats

General aviation clients represented in over 70 countries
5000+ fixed-wing general aviation aircraft insured worldwide
2000+ globally rotor-wing aircraft insured
Handled some of the largest and most complex airline claims


  • As one of the world’s leading aerospace insurance brokers our position and leverage in the insurance market will allow us to consistently deliver the best results and competitive advantage for your operation
  • Our dedicated team of general aviation specialists have a wealth of experience and credibility in the aviation market place, so you know you’re always dealing with an expert
  • The way in which we manage your account is at the core of everything we do. What works for another client may not work for you – therefore, we listen to you and adapt our service to your individual needs
  • We pride ourselves on being accessible and flexible. We know this is crucial to your business and so we are available whenever you need us. Not just between the standard 9 to 5
  • We do not outsource key functions to third parties. JLT believe that having experienced individuals within each account management team improves service times
  • We are experts in handling airline claims of all sizes and complexity. We maintain an enviable reputation for claims service delivery within the London and wider global market; we truly understand that the real test of any insurance programme is how your policy reacts to a claim
  • We are market innovators and can provide additional and non-traditional insurance solutions to cover evolving and emerging risk exposures as well as access to bespoke proprietary tools and applications. We are committed to keeping our clients ahead of the field in an ever changing risk environment.

Insurance solutions

A general aviation company might typically look to buy the following cover:

Covers all risks of physical loss or damage to aircraft while on the ground and inflight (excluding war related perils)

Covers all risks of loss or damage to aircraft engines, parts or equipment owned by the insured or for which they are responsible whilst held as spares

Covers the insured’s legal liability for bodily injury or property damage suffered by third parties (including passengers, baggage and cargo) which is caused by an occurrence and arises out of their operation

Covers loss of or damage to aircraft against acts of war, terrorism and malicious damage that are typically excluded from a hull all risks policy

Covers excess third party war and allied perils liability above the level of primary cover available within the main liability policy

A policy to indemnify the airline against the amount of deductible applied on the hull or spares all risks policies

Covers companies or individuals that use aircraft that they do not own against third party legal liability and aircraft hull physical damage

With general aviation being one of the most dynamic industry sectors in the world, traditional risk areas are evolving and new risk exposures are emerging rapidly. In response, there are now many additional and non-traditional insurance solutions available.

We have developed a number of creative solutions and have a proven track record for innovation. Below are just some of the additional general aviation insurance solutions that we can offer you:

Data and reliance on technology (DART) is a bespoke cyber insurance solution for aerospace companies. DART can be written on a modular basis meaning that cover can be tailored to specific elements of our clients cyber risk requirements and exposure

FlightProtect is our D&O insurance product which responds to the risks inherent to the aerospace sector. It provides financial protection for directors and officers when defending claims relating to actual or alleged wrongful conduct whilst acting on behalf of a company. Cover can be extended to include managers, non-executive directors, the company itself and, in the case of aerospace companies, pilots and other employees

Personal Accident insurance covers accidental death and disability benefits for crew, passengers, ground personnel or any insured person in the aviation industry

Provides a fixed sum should the pilot’s licence be suspended following illness or accident occurring during the policy period

Covers against the loss of income that is the result of being unable to operate due to an unexpected interruption

Provides financial protection to the Insured in in the event that an employee sustains job-related injuries during the course of employment

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