Cyber Risks and Bespoke Insurance for Manufacturers

27 July 2016

Main features in this issue:

Making the best of it: time to address cyber risks in manufacturing
Cyber security is among the biggest business risks identified by US manufacturers, and IBM says the sector is the most commonly targeted by attackers after healthcare. Yet British manufacturers are not taking the dangers seriously.

A spoke(o) in the wheel of data protection claims?
The US Supreme Court’s decision in the case against “people search engine” Spokeo has been hailed as the beginning of the end for class actions based on breaches of data protection regulations. Time will tell, but it’s unlikely to be that simple.

Cyber risks dominate finance
While financial services firms have long been considered leaders in cyber security, regulators are increasingly concerned the industry is falling behind the evolving risks.

PCI cover: expectation versus reality
Retailers and others taking card payments need to examine their contracts – and their cover – following the dispute between US restaurant chain P.F. Chang’s and its insurer.

It started with a tweet
Baker Small, a small law firm in Milton Keynes, specialises in representing local authorities in disputes involving reducing support services to parents of children with disabilities or special needs. On a Saturday evening in June, the managing director used the company’s Twitter account to boast of a recent success, writing: “Crikey, had a great ‘win’ last week which sent some parents into a storm! It is always a great win when the other side thinks they won.” Predictably, such public gloating won few friends.

Privacy impact assessments
The privacy impact assessment is a core plank of any compliance programme. It is, as the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) puts it, a “tool which can help organisations identify the most effective way to comply with their data protection obligations” and an integral part of the privacy by design approach.

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