Credit, Political And Security Risk Insurance

With the return of complex geopolitics and the rise of new trade and investment risks, it is more important than ever to secure growth in the face of volatility.

JLT Speciality USA delivers credit, political, and security risk knowledge and insurance solutions through our diverse and creative global team. We help our clients deliver growth, enhance returns, release capital, and secure their staff and assets in a world of continuous change. We are measured by our results.

Our credit/performance, political and security (CPS) risks team has over 30 years’ experience working with corporations, financial institutions and government/multilateral agencies to identify, analyze, assess, and mitigate risks.

With a global strategy-local delivery approach, our integrated team of specialists collaborate to provide clients innovative risk mitigation and transfer solutions, tailored to support growth in a changing environment.



Our knowledge, rigour and proactive team enable us to work with our clients from risk identification and management through to broking credit, political, and security insurance coverage, creation of new markets and the collection of claims.

We are committed to:

  • delivering innovation through insight and imagination
  • being the industry’s leading experts
  • collaborating to provide exceptional service.

We are driven by a resolute focus on working for our clients to facilitate sales growth, enhance returns, release capital and secure staff and assets in a world of continuous change.

As the world has become smaller, awareness of the opportunity to realize global sales and investment growth has never been greater. The complex nature of trade and investment risk has also increased. Today, it is more important than ever to secure growth in the face of political, economic, and security volatility.

Since 1986, JLT has delivered capacity for new and evolving risks, regardless of the territory. We work with our clients to ensure they take advantage of the opportunity created by uncertainty to grow.

We bring perspective to risk, helping our clients gain clarity and secure opportunity in delivering tailored products across many sectors , including infrastructure, extractive industries, telecoms, commodity trading, industrial, and manufacturing.


We recommend early engagement – even on a conceptual basis - because CPS insurances may often be a core component of securing trade or investment and the risks are transient. The more information the insured is able to share on the underlying transaction, the more meaningful the feedback we can deliver. When a deal is in its very early stages, we may provide general and/or theoretical feedback as the risks will continue to evolve and change. This feedback can be used to help enhance deal structures and develop a risk management strategy.

We provide a proposal form to complete, which we can then take to the market.

Alternatively, we may request:

  • details of the counterparty
  • contract terms and conditions
  • information about insured goods/services
  • law and jurisdiction
  • payment terms
  • experience you have had with the counterparty.

For short-term trade credit insurance multi-buyer policies, we ideally require a list of all customers, credit limit requirements, annual sales, and payment terms.

  • Name of the insured company or family name (if purchasing for personal reasons)
  • Confirmation of assets/ turnover (as this is a policy of indemnity, we can only provide limits of indemnity which are equal to or less than your asset/turnover base)
  • Number of people to be covered by country of residence
  • Travel pattern of insured persons (locations, duration and frequency of trips)
  • Confirmation of any previous threats/incidents in the last five years.

By the insurers? The policy is cancellable by the insurers ONLY for the non-payment of premium by the insured.

By the insured? This policy is cancellable by the insured by written notice to insurers. Any premium in excess of the minimum and deposit that is unearned but already received by insurers shall be returned to the insured. Similarly, any premium in excess of the minimum and deposit that is earned but not yet received by insurers shall be payable by the insured.

Key Stats

CPS team was founded in 1986Only global credit and political broker with an in-house security team30+ years experience within the teamUnique analytics team with strong collaboration with CPS  brokers



We are driven by a resolute focus on working for our clients to facilitate sales growth, enhance returns, release capital, and secure staff and assets in a world of continuous change.

We find opportunities where others see challenges. Our entrepreneurial culture and exclusive analytical ability helps our clients to identify and realize opportunity in volatility.

As a CPS client you will benefit from:

  • Access to a diverse global team that delivers creative, comprehensive risk and insurance solutions to facilitate growth, reduce capital costs, improve returns, and secure people and assets
  • Ideas and products that positively impact and inform risk mitigation and risk transfer strategies and business decisions
  • Our ability to create capacity to underwrite new and evolving risks
  • Our proprietary analytics tools ensures your organization has access to complete and accurate real-time information to enable fact-based decision making
  • Experienced resources available where you need them without, geographical or financial barriers
  • Consistent engagement through advisory, structuring, placement and claims, drawing in management leverage and technical expertise to ensure that when losses do occur, we maximize recovery and minimise the impact on your operations.

Claims capabilities

We deliver results. We deploy all resources to help resolve complex losses and deliver claim payments.

Our clients have confidence that the insurance policies we arrange are expertly structured and written by experienced insurers with strong track records in paying claims. Our approachable brokers work alongside our meticulous CPS claims professionals who specialize in handling, managing, and negotiating claims.

In the event of a loss, we provide:

  • A single point of contact with overall accountability for all losses wherever they occur
  • Our proactive claims handling process maximizes your recovery under your program, while minimizing the intrusion and interference to your on-going operations
  • We leverage our strong relationships with major leaders, loss adjusters, and lawyers to help expedite the claims process
  • Our clients have access to our sophisticated pre-loss consulting and effective post-loss recovery services.


Our starting point when structuring a new policy is to precisely understand your needs. Our brokers sit alongside a team of risk analysts drawn from security, technical and academic backgrounds.

Their substantial knowledge is utilised to help us understand the precise nature of your risk profile, thereby assisting us in determining the right insurance solution for your requirements.

Using ground-breaking modelling and rating tools, such as Sunstone and World Risk Review, our analysts can pinpoint risks, map exposures, analyse the risk triggers, and evaluate probable maximum loss (PML) ratios across a portfolio of assets.

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