Live Entertainment Insurance

Live entertainment events come with a litany of risks to manage. Cancellation, non-appearance, and weather disruptions can all play havoc with an event, leaving organizers, venue owners, artists, and promoters to pick up the pieces.

Our team identifies all the risks associated with a specific event and provides expert help to design a risk management and insurance program that provides the necessary protection.

We understand that unexpected incidents not only negatively affect an entertainment company’s balance sheet, but also its brand and reputation. Our team continuously expands and leverages our considerable expertise to preserve and protect your bottom line.


Live Entertainment Insurance

The entertainment industry faces growing risks and exposures. Extreme weather, power failures, public liability, business interruption, and terrorism reflect some of the ongoing challenges and uncertainty threatening the success of events.

We help companies manage these risks by providing bespoke entertainment insurance and risk management solutions.

Live Entertainment Insurance

We have experience working with event organizers, venue owners, artists, agents, tour managers, promoters, content producers, retailers, and sponsors, and service our clients in the following industries:

  • Live music and events
  • Conferences and exhibitions
  • Broadcast and media
  • Hotels
  • Venues
  • Cities/municipalities


Various different events around the world occur on a daily basis. Many of which wouldn’t take place without the main performers. Non-Appearance insurance can protect your organization against any financial loss.

Whether you are the performer, promoter, agent or venue, you have the ability to cover your costs and expenses or gross revenue if your event is cancelled, abandoned, postponed, interrupted, curtailed or relocated if you or your performer is unable to fulfil the obligations. Extensions such as simultaneous non-appearance, whereby a percentage of a larger group (example.e. orchestras, sport teams choirs etc.) are unable to fulfil obligations, can be added if required.


SPECIALTY FOCUS: We are specialists. We are experts at what we do. Our specialty focus starts with our team, and extends to market relationships, innovative policy wording, and claims advocacy. We excel at solving complex risks that lie at the intersection of industry and product

INFORMED DECISION-MAKING: Our use of analytical tools is a major differentiator in the development and implementation of risk management programs at JLT. Relying on specialty experience and knowledge of industry elements enables us to provide superior analytics beyond previous methods

TARGETED PRE- AND POST-LOSS MITIGATION: Utilizing custom-built analytics. We focus on preventing or mitigating your productivity and financial losses from workplace and patron injuries.

We respect that your customer service philosophy – not your insurance company – should dictate how patron liability claims are handled. We also understand that employee injuries are not only costly, but impact your guest servicing capabilities.

Case Studies

Live Entertainment Insurance

Event cancellation

A well-known band cancelled and rescheduled their upcoming tour due to an illness. The promoter had declared figures for the show and they were much lower than the estimated loss. On notification of the claim, underwriters noticed the difference in the figures and highlighted that there were potential issues. Our entertainment team had foreseen this and had amended the automatic cover to say detail would be subject to change post declaration. This automatic cover ensured that indemnity was agreed by insurers and the claim was paid in full without any further issues.

Live Entertainment Insurance

Non-appearance cover

An independent promoter secured a bid for a well-known male artist with a chequered history. The individual had a renowned bad reputation. A standard cancellation or non-appearance policy would not respond to non-appearance of this particular artist due his past behavior. However, our entertainment team was able to offer the client beyond the assured control cover that would respond in the case that the artist’s previous behavior repeated itself resulting in another non-appearance.

Insurance solutions

We offer expertise in the following insurance product lines:

  • Legal liability

Event equipment insurance policies protect against any financial risks from the consequence of theft, breakdown of equipment or accidental damage

A broadcast transmission failure could arise and stop your event from proceeding as planned. This is likely to have significant effect on your financial situation and you may need to recover your financial loss

We arrange solutions for potential losses if the conditions are deemed too dangerous and/or they are deemed unreasonable photographic conditions

This product is designed to protect your budget from unseen circumstances which can cause unexpected delays or even the cancellation of an event

As a condition for attending an event, organizers will often require participants to possess adequate travel medical expenses insurance

We have designed a travel insurance policy which incorporates many different aspects, for example emergency medical expenses

Kidnap and ransom protects against the risk of kidnap for ransom, extortion, wrongful detention and hijack

  • Cyber
  • Crime

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