JLT Premier League Injury Analysis

06 February 2019

Premier League clubs hit by spike in World Cup player injuries

We are pleased to publish the JLT Premier League Injury Analysis for the first half of the 2018-19 season. Each year, we examine how injuries have affected the 20 English Premier League football clubs over the course of the most recent season. It helps clubs and stakeholders around the game to understand the financial impact of player injuries, and assess the extent of injury risk exposures. 

Our key findings show that Premier League clubs have paid out more than £130 million in wages to injured players in the first half of the current season. The average cost of injuries has risen for another year, and the big 6 clubs are responsible for 53% of the total losses.

JLT Sports Injury Index 2018/19

Premier League Clubs have seen a 44% increase in injuries to players who competed in last summer’s World Cup in Russia. Both the frequency and severity of injuries for World Cup players has increased this season, with the number of injuries surging from 78 in 2017/18 to 112 in 2018/19 and the average number of days out per injury rising from 17 to 21 days for those who played in Russia. Injuries in August and December also increased significantly from the average between 2011-2018.

Premier League Injury Index

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