Gaming Insurance

Our team of specialists has intimate knowledge and understanding of the risk facing gaming companies.

Gaming insurance

We work with the gaming industry on understanding specific buying strategies, asset, and balance sheet protection, and have developed global relationships.

Our team provides creative ideas and unique solutions to benefit the gaming industry.


We can provide the following insurance solutions for gaming companies:

Property and terrorism: many popular tourist destinations present unique challenges in addressing hurricanes, earthquakes, and terrorist threats. Our experts structure complex programs that address these potentially catastrophic risks.

Cyber / errors & omissions: utilizing OTAs and third-party technologies does not isolate your organization from the risk of a cyber attack. We can help our clients understand, evaluate, and prepare for a breach or a network shutdown. We work to mitigate the reputational harm that may be more damaging to your business than the attack itself.

Management liability: in the high profile industry of entertainment we have a particular strength in the lines of business that most directly face your management team: directors & officers liability, employment practices liability, fiduciary liability, crime and kidnap & ransom.

General liability: your organization’s operations cater to a vast array of activities, patrons, and participants. We eagerly accept the challenge of crafting innovative liability insurance products and loss control techniques to address your risk.

Workers’ compensation (WC): the workplace accidents that a professional athlete may encounter are much different than a front desk clerk. Our team understands how to structure solutions for the multitude of WC challenges, all within the confines of a highly regulated line of business.

Construction: as your business expands with renovations or new builds to accommodate the evolving desires of your customers, our comprehensive range of services address all aspects of construction risk with minimal disruption to your operations.

Pollution liability: we provide strategic expertise and analysis to understand your exposures and their potential impacts: from financial repercussions to public relations catastrophes.

Reps and warranties: there has been a consistent uptick in merger and acquisition activity, alongside an improving economy as our entertainment clients strive to compete on global basis. Our M&A practice customizes products to protect against breaches of representations in stock or asset purchase agreements.

Case Studies

Gaming insurance
Gaming insurance

Large-Scale Casino Operator

A large casino hotel operation in Nevada had loss control recommendations to install seismic gas shutoff values at several of their casino hotels. The cost was unbudgeted and underwriters were resistant to give rate relief at renewal because the recommendation was outstanding.

The JLT team proposed an advanced rate reduction/premium savings six months before renewal. If the recommendations were completed by renewal, the underwriter admitted that they would provide a reduction to commensurate with the excellent insured’s loss experience and market conditions. At the same time, the Insured was struggling with how to pay for the installation of the values. Our team determined that the cost to complete was similar to the savings that underwriters would give at renewal if the recommendations were complete. It was agreed the underwriters would give the rate reduction and premium return six months in advance of renewal. At the same time, the insured agreed to take the return premium and use it to immediately complete the value installation. The underwriters were quite happy that there was value protection to prevent a large earthquake loss. The Insured was happy that they found a means to budget for the work and gain better protection for its facilities.

Large Casino And Hotel Operation

A large casino hotel operation with riverboats in Louisiana and boat-in-moat exposures in Mississippi faced a dilemma related to how claims would be valued in the event of a loss. In the event of major physical damage, the operation would not rebuild their hotel/casinos in the same manner. As the casino industry regulation has evolved, Mississippi no longer required that casinos be water based. So if a loss occurred, the casino would be rebuilt on land. And even though Louisiana still requires water based operations, hybrid construction was now possible or replacement riverboats could be purchased at a lower cost instead of rebuilt due to the oversupply of riverboats in the market.

The JLT team proposed hiring an appraisal firm to investigate cost to rebuild versus cost to refurbish an older riverboat. The appraisal firm came back with recommendations and approximations. At the time, our team worked with the insured’s risk management, construction, and finance teams to determine approximate land based costs in the event of a rebuild from water to land. Upon obtaining these updated costs and replacement figures, our team worked with underwriters to move to agreed value valuation in the policy form. Underwriters were satisfied that they understood the approach and agreed to the updated valuations. Because the cost to rebuild on land was less, and the cost to refurbish a replacement riverboat did not cost as much as new construction, the overall values decreased by 25%, thus allowing underwriters to reduce limits proportionally and delivering a premium reduction of 25% to our client. As an added benefit, both the underwriters and insured understood how to handle the claims at these specific locations in advance, so payment could be expedited and settlement not become a lengthy process.

Fortune 250 Gaming Company

A Fortune 250 Gaming company was subjected to a sophisticated cyber attack that resulted in a complex loss. Two years after the attack, the cyber claim still had not been resolved with the insurance markets. Outside claims counsel and two previous cyber brokers were unable to make progress on the claim resolution.

While JLT was only hired to perform cyber brokerage services, the success on the renewal and an impasse on the claim created an opportunity for additional assistance. Leveraging JLT’s fresh look at the open claim and our relationships with relevant claims departments, JLT was able to convince all parties to avoid costly coverage litigation and is now engaged in a productive dialogue with the remaining excess insurers.

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