Film and Television Insurance & Risk Management

Difficult disruptions are part and parcel of shooting feature films, TV programs, advertisements, and digital content. For companies commissioning and/or creating content, JLT offers sector-specific expertise in managing and insuring the associated risks.

Productions can be fraught with uncertainties, potential hidden delays and costs, not to mention big, unpredictable personalities. From cast members being struck down by illness to equipment failure, weather interruptions and theft, we craft a risk management and insurance program that responds when needed.

JLT has an established expertise in identifying, quantifying, and managing these risks, and designs bespoke insurance programs that provide the financial backstop required when the unexpected or unwanted happens.


Film and Television

One of the biggest grossing industries in the world is production, from the small individual producers to the Hollywood blockbusters. We have a wide range of experience in organizing cover for content production.

JLT recognizes that the production industry is constantly changing, which is why we offer bespoke and flexible insurance solutions. Our team provides 24/7 service, allowing us to be available to you when you need us most.

Film and Television

We arrange solutions for feature films, all genres of TV, digital content, and advertisements. Every solution is personalized in order to fit your individual needs, equipment, audience, crew, production, and schedule.

We make sure that everything from your equipment to the audience is considered to allow your vision to be created smoothly.


  • Here is a list of just some of the things that can go wrong in the production of feature films:
  • Cast members being unable to perform due to accident or illness
  • Delay in filming due to weather
  • Damage to the negative
  • Camera breakdown
  • Theft of cameras, wardrobe, etc.
  • Damage to equipment, props, set and wardrobe
  • Extra expenses due to physical damage (ie. locations, equipment, props, sets and wardrobes)
  • Liabilities (i.e. bodily injury to any employee involved in the production)

Companies today are placing great importance on branding and reputation, and advertisers are using athletes, film stars, musicians, and celebrities in multi-million dollar promotional campaigns. This strategy is one that can provide an opportunity for increased public awareness and stakeholder investment. However, with the rise of smart phones and social media, there is an increased risk that negative information can be shared. A project or campaign may have to be cancelled following the disgrace, death or disability of the individual endorsing the product; this is irrespective of the money that has already been spent. Tragic events occurring across the world could also dramatically influence the risk of a project never seeing the light of day.

In cases like these, death and disgrace cover as a standalone product is now a necessity. Our team provides innovative and personalized solutions to companies on a case-by-case basis, ensuring that the cover is tailored to your specific needs.

  • Losses as a result of the campaign itself being subject to public outrage
  • The expenses needed in order to re-launch or re-brand an existing campaign
  • Celebrity branded products that are withdrawn, and in-store material related to the disgraced person
  • Artist fees, production budgets, and air-time cover can all be purchased depending on the company’s specific needs and requirements
  • Claims paid in full sum insured basis of settlement (unless specified otherwise)
  • Losses triggered when there is a real threat of dissemination by the media
  • Any circumstances reasonably known in the public domain at inception is not insured

Various different events around the world occur on a daily basis. Many of which wouldn’t take place without the main performers. Non-Appearance insurance can protect you for any financial loss.

Whether you are the performer, promoter, agent or venue, you have the ability to cover your costs and expenses or gross revenue if your event is cancelled, abandoned, postponed, interrupted, curtailed or relocated if you or your performer is unable to fulfil the obligations. Extensions such as simultaneous non-appearance, whereby a percentage of a larger group (i.e. orchestras, sport teams choirs etc. are unable to fulfil obligations, can be added if required.

The need for film errors and omission (E&O) insurance is ever increasing. Film E&O provides coverage for members of the media and entertainment industries, allowing content to be made safely and without the fear of lawsuits. Its purpose is to limit your risk from professional errors that violate the rights of others, and protects organizations from professional mistakes and their financial impact.


We offer expertise in the following insurance product lines:

Political risk and violence can cause major interruptions to your productions on a global basis. These risks may cause you to have to shutdown production, get your cast and crew to safety, and find alternative locations to continue shooting. JLT has an in house political risk team that can be brought in before filming to provide a detailed threat assessment of any location. During filming, JLT can work with the production team to mitigate risks surrounding imminent peril or shutdown due to circumstances outside the control of our insured. JLT has an extensive network of offices in 135 countries around the world where local solutions can be provided.

Terrorism, and the threat of terrorism, is a major threat that continues to evolve in the world. Similar to political risk and violence, terrorism has the potential to shut down production, imperil your crew and cast, cause major property damage, and extra expense loss. JLT has a dedicated terrorism team with experience assisting clients who film in high risk areas domestically and internationally that are prone to a terrorism event, threat of a terrorist attack or a large scale demonstration.

Weather is a growing risk, including circumstances where it has led to floods and fires resulting in the inability to access or depart from locations and cause severe damage to sets. Natural Catastrophes such as windstorms, hurricanes and earthquakes can cause income loss that directly affects the balance sheet. At JLT, our contingency team has worked with many productions on buying back hurricane perils that are typically excluded by production package underwriters. We have seen many more of these exclusions in New York City since Superstorm Sandy. We have an in-house risk and analytics team dedicated to working with clients to provide mitigation options, emergency response, and crisis management solutions in the event a natural catastrophe should occur that disrupts productions.

Death & Disgrace is a major risk given the exceptional speed in which news can travel in the 24 hour news cycle. JLT’s teamare experts at designing Death & Disgrace solutions, and have first-hand experience in successfully negotiating claims settlements on this risk. This expertise helps to navigate the challenges that can arise when each person involved in the claim settlement can have a different opinion on what is considered Disgrace.

We realize that the safety of your crew while on set around the world is of the upmost concern to everyone. JLT has experience in providing clients who film in high risk locations safety protocols and access to the JLT network of 135 countries to make sure each production has the knowledge base and proper insurance products behind them for optimal protection.

We recognize that most cast losses are outside of the control of insureds, however, casts represent a unique risk because of the potential for extra expense costs/claims should a cast member become sick or get hurt in an accident. Our experienced JLT team has a deep understanding of these risks, and the relationships with the markets to negotiate favorable coverage and deductibles, as well as remove exclusions to cover these risks.

The use of drones is becoming more and more common when producing content. Having a broker who is experienced with FAA regulations surrounding drones is extremely important. JLT works with insureds to make sure that any drones they use are backed by a proper non-owned aircraft policy with the proper limits necessary for the shoot.

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