Contingent Products

The financial impact of unexpected incidents can be devastating to an entertainment company’s financial well-being. Understanding these risks, and potential contingent insurance solutions, can make a major difference to your bottom line.

We understand these circumstances and have the specialized expertise to find creative contingency coverages to fit the needs of any entertainment event. Our global team of innovators and policy experts manuscript policies for balance sheet protection.

Sporting events, concerts, music festivals, conventions, and expos all generate enormous amounts of revenue and involve a large capital investment. Adverse weather, talent non-appearance, terrorism threats and acts, natural disasters, and venue damage can all threaten profits when these uncontrollable circumstances occur.

We provide tailored solutions in the form of contingency coverage to mitigate such losses.


Contingent Products

Our entertainment and hospitality team is one of the world’s leading providers of insurance broking, risk management, and claims services. We are industry experts. We offer distinctive solutions, exceptional service, and independent choice.

  • We advise clients without influence or bias and value innovation and creativity
  • We recruit talented people who are passionate, professional, and committed to our clients
  • Our ‘can do’ attitude guarantees a hands-on approach until you are satisfied that you have the best result
Contingent Products
  • Our flat management structure enables us to be flexible and responsive and ensures our senior team is involved in the servicing of accounts
  • We pride ourselves on being accessible and flexible. We know this is crucial to your business and we are available whenever you need us. Not just between the standard 9 to 5
  • We have the tenacity and desire to disrupt the market status quo and drive the insurance market forward with cutting-edge solutions. We pride ourselves in being seen as market leaders.

Our business model is rare, and JLT is rapidly earning a reputation that is attracting an increasing number of different clients across the globe.


Despite the most meticulous organization, circumstances may arise which could stop your event from proceeding as planned. This is likely to have a significant effect on your financial situation, and you may need to recover your financial loss or outlay on costs and expenses through event cancellation insurance. If it is possible for the event to proceed, perhaps at an alternative location or at a later date, this insurance will meet the reasonable additional expenses incurred in pursuit of this being achieved.

You may also find you are unable to vacate the premises due to an unforeseeable event, such as inability to access the venue. The delay in leaving a venue often attracts a financial penalty, which can be covered. In addition to your own costs, you also need to pay particular attention to potential financial loss which may arise out of contractual relationships with sponsors or through loss of costs, expenses, and guarantees which are not recoverable, such as commitments to hotels, venues, caterers or other service providers.

Across the globe, competitions with ‘big ticket’ prizes have become extremely popular for organizations with retail operations as a way to stimulate sales. If a strategy is implemented successfully, there is huge opportunity for increased brand awareness, new customers, and inflated revenues.

Some of these competitions which relate to sporting or seasonal events can be quite costly, however, JLT has a team of experts who are able to provide advice and build tailored solutions for businesses to mitigate against the cost of such prizes being claimed.

Weather impacts nearly all businesses either directly or indirectly, but the vast majority of companies just accept this and self-manage the risks or only insure against catastrophic business interruption scenarios. Most insurance buyers don’t realize there are opportunities to use parametric insurance to benefit from the unpredictable nature of weather – some of these include:

  • Balance sheet protection
  • Business interruption
  • Weather promotions
  • TV/Film shoots
  • Stabilizing income

Product Lines:

  • Event cancellation: Expense or revenue protection when forces outside of the insureds’ control cause the necessary cancellation, postponement, relocation, curtailment or abandonment of a special event
  • Non appearance: In conjunction with event cancellation, entertainers/personalities/ athletes are hired to provide entertainment. If an event must be cancelled due to death, accident, illness, or travel delay, a non-appearance policy will protect your investment
  • Terrorism act & threat: This provides expense or revenue protection for any fear, threat, or act of terrorism confirmed by local or national governmental authorities or security services as having posed or appeared to pose real risk of physical loss or damage or actual bodily injury or death if the event had proceeded, regardless of whether such risk subsequently proves to have been real or a hoax
  • Adverse weather: Standalone weather coverage can be obtained for named windstorms, extreme winds, electrical storms, rainfall, snowfall, and extreme temperatures. Adverse weather coverage has the ability to be written on a per event basis
  • Death: This coverage will pay the insured amount based on contractual obligations for the failure of the insured person to survive for the duration of the policy
  • Disablement: If an accident or illness to the insured person causes the necessary cancellation or withdrawal of the insured event, the policy will cover the insured amount declared
  • Disgrace: Coverage for disgrace can be purchased to protect against situations directly involving the insured person which degrades or brings that person into disrepute or provokes insult or shock to the community and reflects unfavorably upon the insured, their principal(s), or product(s)
  • Over redemption: This provides the ability to provide protection from excess recoupment above budgeted projections
  • Prize indemnity: Games of chance where a prize can be awarded to a winner are commonly insured through a prize indemnity policy. This policy would pay on behalf of the named insured if an eligible contestant(s) wins the game or contest
  • Contract bonus: Common in sponsorship, promotional, and/or endorsement contracts, this coverage will pay the bonus on a specified basis to a professional athlete, spokesperson, and/or celebrity if he or she achieves certain contractual goals
  • Key man coverage: Insurance can cover a key owner/employee who may be crucial to an insured’s business strategy and whose absence may bring adverse financial implications
  • Transmission failure: Any live or one-time broadcast event is subject to a breakdown that prevents completion of a transmission. This would apply to traditional media (such as network TV) and other non-traditional distributions

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