Energy Risk Consulting & Risk Management

Our energy consulting team draws on JLT’s worldwide resources and experience. Our clients benefit from engagement with seasoned professionals with many years’ of experience in the energy broking, underwriting, risk management, legal/compliance, and engineering sectors.

Energy Risk Consulting & Risk Management

Our energy consultants will help you with a wide range of services that can be tailored to your needs and they will also audit and benchmark your company's current program.


Benchmarking: This exercise indicates key metrics such as limits, deductibles and premiums of your peers, so that you can make informed decisions about what is right for your own unique risk profile

Retention analysis: Effective risk transfer for mature companies requires ongoing reviews of metrics, such as your retention, to optimize efficiency in risk financing

Wordings review: We check to ensure there are no gaps in your wording to provide widest possible and most suitable coverage for your businesses’ needs. Our clients benefit from our bespoke developed enhancements

Program reviews: Your program should be regularly stress tested to ensure it remains fit for purpose and future proofed, including responses to claims and major change scenarios

Business interruption/supply chain reviews: We advise you on the route to the most cost-effective cover. We also assess the integrity of your supply chain and help strengthen it to reduce potential exposure to a loss in the future

Engineering services: Underwriters for downstream processing activities require sight of a comprehensive survey to commit to coverage. After engaging our engineers, our clients receive advice on the current ranking of site risks, evaluation of peak exposures/ estimated maximum loss (EML), and possible risk management and risk reduction improvements

Lender’s insurance requirements advice: We support your relationship with lenders by advising them on coverage efficiency and availability issues, as well as the adoption of lender required language in your policies

Distress claims handling/advocacy: Our team settles distressed claims that other brokers were not able to do. We work with you to guide your organization through the processes involved

Global compliance advice: Our global services team specializes in advising clients on how to comply with regulatory requirements in different countries

Oil Insurance Limited (OIL) profile reviews/ recommendations: Regular reviews of your profile will ensure you are optimizing membership of this unique capacity.


Risk Consulting  
  • Our 240 global energy experts include experienced brokers, ex-underwriters, adjusters and risk engineers, working as a team on your behalf
  • Our dedicated account teams provide timely responses to ongoing service needs of our clients, providing accessible, additional and invaluable resource to our clients' own risk management functions
  • Supported by the JLT International Network we service clients in over 135 countries, enabling us to offer effective global solutions for your business and on-the-ground advice from local experts
  • We have a proven track record in dealing with complex energy-related risks and our team strives to get the deal done, giving us an exceptional client retention rate
Risk Consulting
  • Our experienced claims team has the influence and expertise to ensure you receive accurate and timely settlements for all claims
  • We work with our clients through the year to ensure their policy continues to cover their changing business needs
  • Our dedicated in-house team of wordings specialists use their knowledge of the insurance market to undertake reviews, technical evaluations, stress testing, comparisons of your coverage and suggest improvements to strengthen your policy.

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