Rail construction insurance

The number and scale of global rail infrastructure projects currently underway has generated a variety of challenging risks for the construction industry. These risks include finding and maintaining skilled, specialist labor and ensuring that the most reputable contractors, with the right expertise, are available to deliver projects of a similar size and nature regardless of their geographic location.

Stakeholders must also consider the potential for supply chain failures to significantly impact project timelines, and the complications which may arise at the point of integration, overlap, and management of multiple contracts. Additionally, stakeholders must balance the delicate relationship that exists at the interface of construction and operational phases of a rail project.

JLT’s team of rail specialists have a developed and extended understanding of each client’s business environment, allowing us to design customized products and services that actively deliver value. We do not accept “one size fits all,” and challenge the status quo to ensure that just because it has been done that way in the past, is not the reason to do it again.



Our team of rail specialists have deep experience in delivering innovative solutions for rail infrastructure projects globally, including new lines and stations, expansion of existing networks, and rolling stock.

Rather than engaging with our clients purely on the basis of a civil infrastructure project in isolation, we view the construction or expansion as a future rail asset.

In our approach, we take a long term view of the risk issues and bring together an understanding of the technical challenges of the construction and future operation,

as well as the project team’s management of risk, to deliver an insurance solution.

Our team of experts, experienced in understanding and addressing the concerns for rail infrastructure that our clients face, deliver efficient solutions that provide greater protection for project owners, contractors, government departments, developers, and investors.


375+ global construction specialists$1bn+ construction premium placed in 2017Construction insurance for owners and developers $159bn rail construction projects insured since 2018


We understand the technical challenges of the interface between construction and operation, the contractual allocation of risk and indemnity, and the project team’s approach to management of risk.

This knowledge allows us to deliver fit-for-purpose insurance solutions that cover all stakeholders’ interests.

Our global team of specialists work closely with our colleagues in our dedicated Rail Risk Practice to help clients better understand the nuances of each project, and design risk transfer solutions which consider both the construction and operational phases of the project.


Construction case study 2

While not the appointed broker for the project, JLT was invited to provide guidance and support to the owner following protracted and acrimonious negotiations with insurers which had failed to achieve settlement of the claim.

The matter was of extremely high profile and, most damagingly, dialogue between the two sides had broken down. JLT spent a lengthy period with the owner’s contract personnel reviewing the claim submission, the nature of the damage and the key policy points in dispute. At the same time JLT embarked upon exploratory discussions with insurers to determine where and why they had particular difficulties with the claim.

This re-evaluation of the claim submission by both sides provided the basis for dialogue to restart and within a short period of time thereafter an amicable negotiated settlement was secured. As a result of JLT’s collaborative approach and demonstration of experience in delivering the solution we were subsequently appointed as the insurance broker for the re-alignment contract.

Rail construction insurance

Our client, the main contractor for the construction of a high-speed rail system, suffered a substantial material damage loss during the heavy civil engineering phase of the project. There was potential for significant delay and further loss.

Our settlement of the loss included advice on the complexities of the adjustment and then turned to the delay in start-up cover and the need to accelerate the process.

We provided help with policy interpretation and demonstrated how the damage had affected the programming of the project. The result was a settlement for the claim in excess of USD 30 million.


We have supported some of the largest rail infrastructure projects in the world.  Our global team of specialists collaborate seamlessly to ensure that our clients have access to the best experience and advice, regardless of their location.

Our most recent rail project experience is detailed on the map below:

Construction insurance Rail map

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