Strategic Risk Consulting

Our clients seek practical approaches to enterprise risk management (ERM) and business continuity management (BCM) - not volumes of materials that identify risks and make the necessary actions challenging to understand and harder to implement.

Our team offers a deep knowledge of recognized ERM and BCM standards with experience across a wide range of industry sectors, including the specialty areas of:


Strategic risk Consulting

Our practical advisory approach includes:

Overarching program design and governance – JLT can help you develop a governance body, program policy, and charter, while training your teams on their ongoing operations for both ERM and BCM.

We link ERM, BCM, and crisis management together for greater connectivity, risk awareness, and investment efficiency.

Risk tolerance and appetite – we do not rely on rules of thumb to establish risk tolerance and appetite levels for strategic risk management programs, but rather create bespoke scales and thresholds based on inputs from your senior stakeholders.

Strategic risk Consulting

The benefit to our clients is the ability to take the baseline framework and apply it to business continuity materiality, as well as derive risk-specific tolerance levels.

Risk assessments and prioritization – JLT can help support your organization’s basic ERM needs to identify and prioritize risks – conducting detailed risk calculations or workshops to arrive at consensus regarding risk information.

We focus on action and monitoring from these activities, rather than simply identifying top risks alone.

Risk mitigation planning and BCP strategy design – our planning support builds from the overarching program design and governance. We work to more deeply understand your business continuity risk issues and ensure your organization has the appropriate risk mitigation strategies in place.

Case Study

A global telecom provider required its existing ERM program to be updated to meet its current operating profile, as well as convert the current process to a business enabling tool.

The objective was to work closely with the client to develop a comprehensive ERM program, which included; (1) allocating resources to risks that are of greatest concern and (2) identifying risk mitigation activities that provide the best “return on “risk investment” to the business.

An ERM framework was deployed through full engagement with staff across divisions, business units, and support operations, while at the same time ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements.

The results and recommendations were presented to the company’s Operating Committee and Risk Management Committee for final approval.

The foundation was set to further enhance the ERM program as operations grow and diversify.

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