Property and Casualty Risk Control

JLT’s approach to property and casualty risk control is strategic in nature – focusing on helping organizations coordinate resources and investment, align with resiliency, workplace safety, and fleet safety initiatives, provide specialized assessment and reporting, and drive insurance marketing support and advocacy.

Property and casualty risk control

Our team is global with experienced professionals’ hubbed in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the US – allowing us to serve clients with a global operations base.

Our specialists have broad general experience, as well as specific and in-depth experience in the energy sector risk engineering.


Our specific advisory and support offerings include:

Program management – as your organization’s engineering and risk control needs grow increasingly complex, JLT can assist you with the strategic management of property risk engineering programs, resource coordination, technical consultation, regulatory support (OSHA and DOT), and performance metrics driven by data.

Our approach takes a strategic view of the entire portfolio and delivers a clear plan to maximize the impact on loss control investment. The resulting plans are well received by underwriters, who seek insights into risk mitigation culture and activities and generally react positively to well-run programs.

Alignment with resiliency – when needed, JLT can help your organization integrate the insights emanating from the property risk control program into business continuity, crisis management, and enterprise risk management (ERM) programs.

The benefit to your organization is a more coordinated risk identification, prevention, and response plan – minimizing the potential downtime and impact of an event should it happen.

Specialized risk assessments and reporting – as the threat landscape evolves and new risks emerge, your organization may require more in-depth support – including natural catastrophe assessments supported by risk modeling or MFL/PML studies, loss investigation support, customized risk reporting (e.g. heat maps), site specific risk surveys, site specific safety analysis, and fleet safety program development.

JLT risk engineers and casualty risk control specialists have experience delivering these specialized needs in a variety of industry sectors and Specialty areas.


Property and casualty risk control

Our approach is unique – we prefer to position property and casualty risk control as a strategic benefit, raising it above the simple, albeit important, underwriting requirements.

Our global team has an average of 20+ years’ experience supporting successful insurance placements and risk evaluation, and is comprised of former in-house engineers, risk managers, and risk control professionals - as well as former risk control specialists for underwriters.

Property and casualty risk control

We incorporate the inputs from other key risk disciplines – such as forensic accounting, analytics, and casualty claims professionals – to support one point of view on specific risk issues.

Case Study

A company which was more than doubled its size recognized that it could use the integration as an opportunity to redesign its program to better support the business for the long term.

JLT was engaged to conduct a detailed property risk control and values assessment to understand current capabilities and subsequently support an integrated program design.

A gap assessment on current programs resulted in a change in focus and redefinition of “Critical Sites” to focus more on the revenue and margin supported rather than property values at site.

The insurance program risk control plan was redesigned to better address needs of the BCM team, and EH&S policies were updated to include requirements aligning with the EH&S group’s desire for safety.

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