Asset, supply chain, and disruption exposures are consistently ranked among the most concerning risks to our clients.


JLT has a globally connected team of leading pre-loss and post-loss claims advisors and forensic accountants for property and business interruption/disruption risks.

Our senior advisors possess an average of 20+ years of experience in general industries, as well as in specialty focus areas, including aerospace, construction, marine, energy, power, and mining.


Pre-loss services – JLT offers a suite of evaluation services to assess the true property and business interruption exposures your organization faces – including asset valuations, business interruption reviews, in-depth supply chain and contingent business interruption studies, and loss scenario testing.

Our analysis provides more accurate values to inform your investment decisions, and additional in-depth studies can identify high areas of financial exposure that can be earmarked for risk mitigation investment.

Post-loss services – Post-loss, JLT can assist in claim preparations, the advisory cost of which generally can be covered within property or other policies. Our capabilities cover a range of claims scenarios, including material damage, business interruption, construction, energy, and cyber.

Our post-loss services are hubbed in the US, UK, and Australia, which allows us to support globally based US clients in any part of the world and respond quickly to crisis and claims needs.

With a long and proven long-track record of accelerating claim resolutions, we can assist your organization in obtaining the best possible settlement.



In each of our global hubs, our leaders average nearly 30 years of industry experience.

Unlike other advisors, our leaders and teams are aligned to apply our individual and collective experience to your pre-loss evaluation or claim situation.


In addition, we leverage our market-leading toolset of software and models to assist in determining declared values.

Case Study

A hospitality company suffered a financial impact from an outbreak of the Zika virus in close proximity to their location.

There were difficult issues with the claim preparation including determination of the indemnity period – since there was no property damage, making it challenging to determine when the period ended.

JLT’s forensics team developed a solid financial foundation against which to measure the loss.

Using five years of actual to forecast comparisons, we were able to demonstrate a considerable financial impact upon the business.

Due to the broad coverage afforded under the terms of the policy, the company is now settling a multi-million dollar claim, which for this type of claim is fairly unique in the industry.

The forensic analysis we undertook in conjunction with the hospitality company was the foundation that established the basis of settlement, surpassing even the company’s expectations.

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