In response to increased demand for our services JLT has established an office in Barbados and currently provides insurance management services to a growing client portfolio.

Barbados is the domicile of choice for Canadian companies to establish captives and other non-insurance investment companies.

In addition, we continue to see growing interest in captive structures from Latin America, which is rapidly becoming a significant market for captives. With Barbados seeking closer ties to Latin America, coupled with its geographical proximity, Barbados is becoming an attractive domicile to the region. JLT Insurance Management (Barbados) Ltd provides a full suite of management services, closely supported by our Bermuda operation.

We also have a segregated accounts facility. Isosceles Insurance Limited, providing rent-a-captive and niche insurance and reinsurance transactions.

Why JLT Insurance Management in Barbados?

The key to our success is the provision of superior service from a committed team of accounting and insurance professionals, and a hands on approach by our senior managers. Our expertise is proven in the provision of consultative advice to all our clients.

We have a reputation for quality service to a wide range of industries and we can provide secure online access to your company's data and records through a tailored website. We pioneered this technology in Bermuda and it is available to Barbados domiciled companies. We continue to be the market leaders offering this service.

JLT Insurance Management (Barbados) Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) in Barbados.”