Property Insurance

Companies are faced by a range of emerging property risks from the constantly changing face of terrorism, cyber threats to extreme weather events.

We relish the challenge of keeping up with this exponential rate of change and delivering new solutions to meet emerging risks.

Our dedicated team of property specialists have extensive knowledge of the global insurance and reinsurance markets. Our team provides access to the global insurance market place, with additional specialists located in Bermuda, Singapore and Miami.

Our programme design process draws on our deep knowledge of industry specialisms, market appetite, analytic/risk modelling capabilities and bespoke policy wording creation.


Property Insurance What we do
Property Insurance What we do

We focus on solutions for complex risks, where our knowledge and experience adds real value in creating a custom built solution for clients. Our account sizes range from a single location and SME operations to Fortune 500/FTSE 100 companies and global accounts. Our core client base consists of the following areas:

  • High exposure to catastrophe perils
  • Hazardous classes of business
  • Challenging loss history

Working with our clients, we help to provide:

  • Design, placement and servicing for global or single territory-based corporations
  • Captive reinsurance
  • Advice on optimum programme structure and levels of self-insurance
  • Advice on policy wordings and reviews of existing covers
  • Benchmarking of premiums and cover against peer companies
  • Access to brokers who are driving change and product innovation in the market place
  • Claims expertise situated within the placement team.

We also offer knowledge of issues affecting our clients through thought leadership publications which are designed to question, challenge and inform the industry.


  • Global programmes
  • Captive reinsurance
  • Difference in conditions
  • Difference in limits
  • Deductible protections
  • Stand-alone natural catastrophe perils
  • Forced placed
  • Terrorism
  • Binding authorities
  • Line-slips
  • Collation of risk information and compilation of underwriting submissions
  • Risk profiling
  • Benchmarking of terms and conditions
  • Organisation of risk engineering and site visits
  • Natural catastrophe modelling
  • Risk retention studies
  • Design of insurance and reinsurance programmes
  • Identification of appropriate underwriters through our extensive knowledge of the global market and relationships with underwriters
  • Facilitation of client and underwriter meetings
  • Negotiation of lead terms
  • Analysis of lead options and recommendation of placement strategy
  • Policy issuance
  • Claims advice, negotiation, advocacy and payment
  • Negotiation with lenders’ advisors where required
  • Provision of market information
  • New product development
  • Thought leadership


  • We are able to develop answers to your problems that are bespoke to you. We have the flexibility and connections with the market to build unique products specifically with you at their heart
  • We will speak to you in a language you will understand and we will explain any complexities so that you know exactly what service you are getting and what you are covered for. We can explain the particulars of your cover in a clear and concise way for your peace of mind. We believe that our clients should know how to activate their policy should they need to and our ability to provide clarity is fundamental to that
  • Our unrivalled relationships to the right insurers in the market, dealing with them every day, means that we can leverage not only the price but also the coverage
  • Our promise is to always provide wordings that are robust and evolving as your industry develops. We take into account new exposures which test the market. We ensure the most competitive package is available to you. We lead the market in terms of widest wordings and set the trends
  • We do not outsource claims management. Our claims team are based in our London HQ, working side by side with our broking specialists and are available to advise our clients whenever needed. This means you always deal with people who understand you and your business which is useful at the best of times but essential in the event of a claim
  • We provide a single point of contact to take the stress out of dealing with your global insurance programmes . Our multi-lingual team will coordinate between you, the broker, the insurer and where relevant our network spanning over 135 countries.
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