Cyber attacks on UK companies

11 November 2015

Main features in this issue: 

TalkTalk cyber attack

TalkTalk, a major UK provider of television, internet, and phone services, has been the victim of a cyber-attack that was initially thought to have compromised the personal details of up to 4 million individuals. The attack on TalkTalk, coming just months after the data breach at Carphone Warehouse, highlights the pervasive nature of cyber attacks on UK companies, as well as the often drastic steps that those companies are forced to take in a data breach situation. The fact that not all data held by TalkTalk was encrypted adds further troubles to the company that will inevitably have several additional expenses to follow. 

Cyber insurance market in its teenage years

At this year’s Professional Liability Underwriting Society (PLUS) Conference in Chicago, Sarah Stephens partook in a series of debates which can be viewed on the PLUS website. In one of the questions on whether the market for cyber insurance was sustainable or not, Sarah compared the cyber market to a teenager, believing it to be in its adolescent years.

2016 – the year that EU data regulation finally bites?

The reform of data protection rules across the European Union (EU) has been a priority for the European Commission (EC) for many years. The EC are concerned about the ‘internet of things’ and the impact it, and the globalisation of data exchange will have on civil liberties and the role companies and other bodies play in protecting it. The European Data Protection Regulation (EDPR) will respond to these challenges by giving citizens control over their personal data and creating a clearer regulatory framework for businesses to operate within. At its core, the EDPR aims to upgrade and harmonise the current data protection laws in place across EU member states, by balancing the movement and processing of data with safeguarding individual privacy.

Mysteries of the cloud

More and more companies have started to use the cloud to help build products without the additional cost of building an expensive infrastructure. By doing this, companies are able to launch products quicker and outsource data-centre management to focus on more important core business matters and drive demand.

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