Neiman Marcus taken back to court over data breach

04 September 2015

Main features in this issue:

Neiman Marcus taken back to court

Back in 2014, Neiman Marcus announced that it had suffered from a data breach which exposed 350,000 customers’ credit card information. In response to this, several of its customers filed a class action complaint alleging various types of actual injuries, notably ‘imminent injuries’. Examples of ‘imminent injuries’ the plaintiffs were claiming for included an increased chance of future fraudulent transactions and a greater possibility of identity fraud, aka fear of future harm.

Losing control to cyber attackers

It appears that aircraft are not the only vehicles that can be remotely controlled by external actors through on-board entertainment systems. The NCC Group declared recently that several cars may be at threat due to the vulnerabilities in their infotainment systems. This announcement coincides with recent events which occurred in the US where Fiat Chrysler issued a statement to 1.4 million of its Jeep Cherokee customers warning them that their cars were unsafe and issued a recall.

Ashley Madison in turmoil 

Ashley Madison, the controversial extramarital dating website, has been crucified in the media since declaring it had suffered from a breach. It first reported that only 2,500 customer records had been compromised however the damage had been done. The company’s plans to float with a £130 million stock market listing in London look doubtful. 

Buzzword of the month – Ethical hacker

Professional ethical hackers, also known as white hat hackers, are computer and networking experts who systematically attempt to infiltrate a computer system or network on behalf of its owners in order to locate security vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker could potentially exploit.

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