Cyber Attacks in 2014: Cyber Risks Insurance Insights

26 January 2015

Welcome to the first edition of JLT Specialty's cyber risk newsletter.

Cyber gets a lot of press these days. Consequently it's stirring a lot of discussion around how to address cyber risk. Maybe it's on your mind as a nagging worry that you should do something about. Maybe it's on your CEO's agenda and you're already deep into the exploration. Or maybe you're ignoring it and hoping it goes away. Spoiler alert: It's not Y2K v2.0 and it's not going away.

In the fast moving world of cyber risk, it’s natural that you might have more questions than answers:

Q How do you make sense of the headlines in which it can sometimes seem that anything and everything could be a cyber risk?

Q How do you embed cyber awareness and risk management into the culture of your organisation?

Q How do you prep for a conversation with another stakeholder internally who comes at cyber from an entirely different perspective?

Q How do you stay up to speed on the quickly developing landscape of cyber insurance coverage, both in your traditional policies and in dedicated cyber cover?

A We're glad you asked, and we are here to help. We get really excited about all things cyber. Each month, we'll decode the most timely cyber risk and insurance headlines and highlight the risk management and insurance implications for you in plain English. If you can't wait, you can follow me on Twitter at @sarahmstep. If you have questions (no question is too basic) or just want a primer on cyber risk, we would love to talk.

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