Aviation cyber risks

22 July 2015

Main features in this issue: 

Aviation cyber risks - Investigations are still ongoing into the suspected hack that resulted in several grounded planes and 1,400 more-than-disgruntled passengers at one of Poland’s busiest airports. The outage, which lasted five hours, saw twelve flights to various European destinations delayed and ten flights cancelled altogether. 

Office of Personnel Management under the spotlight - In what is being described as one of the worst breaches to date, the federal Office of Personnel Management (OPM); the US government’s human resources division, reported it had suffered a breach that exposed four million employees personal information.

Sony’s employee lawsuit moves forward - On 24th November 2014, Sony Pictures Entertainment employees switched on their monitors and were immediately greeted by a leering face and the proud proclamation ‘Hacked by #GOP’. It was later discovered Sony’s studios in Culver City, California, had also been hacked on account of the film ‘The Interview’ which dramatized the assassination of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Sony suffered on several accounts including business interruption, loss of sensitive data and exposed intellectual property.

Buzzword of the month - Ransomware

Aussie telecom companies to face fines over cyber security - Its crunch time for telecommunications companies in Australia as they could face fines of up to AUD 250,000 if they do not take necessary steps to protect government agencies and businesses from the threat of cyber-attack. The regulations, which are potentially due this year, will ensure the safety of data for business, individuals and the public sector. The bill is still being passed through local government.

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