Renewable Energy Insurance: Opportunities and Threats

07 July 2016

After the historic climate agreement in Paris this year that bought together the global community on renewable energy, we are seeing more countries dedicating policy initiatives to help stimulate investments needed in renewable energy.

One of the most noticeable countries is Argentina. The government announced a new renewable energy target: 8% of large consumers need their electricity to come from renewable energy sources. By 2018 there will have been approximately USD 2 billion of new investment in the country to reach this target and over the next decade, this could equate to 10GW worth of projects.

Whilst the opportunities for investment in countries such as Argentina look increasingly attractive, there are also heightened security personnel risks such as new types of kidnap and ransom events that are often not covered under standard kidnap and ransom policies.

In our video, we cover the investment opportunities in Argentina and look at the security risks in more detail and explain how clients can best mitigate these risks.

The learnings we can draw from the spotlight on Argentina are also applicable to many similar countries where renewables infrastructure coupled with personnel risk is on the rise.

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Opportunities and threats in emerging renewables countries

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