Workforce risks for mining companies

For mining companies the health and safety of the workforce is paramount - without the right expertise, a mine’s potential cannot be realised. Companies therefore prioritise worker safety, proactively manage risks to the workforce and publicise their commitment to a ‘zero injuries’ culture.

Yet mining operations are inherently risky, and despite the best efforts and preparedness of mining companies, accidents will happen. A collapse, fire, explosion, cave-in, machinery malfunction at the site could place the workforce in severe danger in an emergency.

There are additional risks from operating in remote locations; mine sites are likely to be at a distance from medical facilities, travel across the country may be hazardous and there may be security risks to consider.

JLT provides accident and risk insurance solutions across the mining industry. Our global team of specialists understands that across the mine lifecycle there are hazardous operations that could result in injury, disability or loss of life and will help you to find the right solution to protect your workforce.


Workforce Risk

Across the mine lifecycle there are hazardous operations that could result in injury, disability or loss of life. Even travel can be fraught with challenges due to security threats, natural hazards, or unsafe transport.

For high risk industries, such as mining, it can therefore be difficult to secure the right level of cover for accident, medical and travel insurance programmes.

Mining companies must be mindful of their duty of care which extends to executives visiting site, guests and customers undertaking travel under a company’s supervision, and consultants and contractors. Coverage will need to be structured to reflect these exposures.

Workforce Risk

Our global team of specialists understand mining risks spanning the entire project lifecycle. We manage a large and established client base of mining companies, contractors, traders, and financiers, across a range of commodities and regions. 

Our objective is simple: to provide our clients a competitive advantage by enhancing their resilience and empowering them to take risks. Working with you, we can help you understand and manage your workforce risks.

Workforce risks for mining companies

Industrial accidents vary in severity and can range from minor injury through to fatality. While mining companies will meticulously record incidents to improve safety, inevitably costs are incurred:

  • Injured employees may need specialist medical attention. There can be considerable costs involved in transporting employees from remote mine sites, particularly if cross-border travel is required
  • The business may need to fund rehabilitation costs, or long-term disability payments
  • In the event of a fatality, the company will probably need to repatriate remains and fund death-in-service benefits. 

Mining projects are often situated in remote locations, presenting challenges for employees travelling to and from the mine site. 

  • Travel to areas frequently impacted by natural hazards may result in delays, or risks to safety
  • Domestic transportation systems may be unreliable, unsafe, or subject to cancellation
  • Security may be an additional concern for some territories. 

The security landscape, particularly in emerging markets, can change rapidly – putting the workforce at risk. Specialist life, medical and travel insurance should include: 

  • Terrorism: mine sites are typically well-secured, but employee travel through urban centres can be risky 
  • Violent crime: crime is an issue for travellers in many emerging markets. Miners of precious metals or gemstones are at heightened risk of theft incidents which involve violent crime.


No two mining companies have the same risk profile. The risk is specific to territory, workforce size and travel patterns.

As a global provider of insurance and reinsurance broking services for life, medical expenses, accident, group life catastrophe, travel and emergency assistance, our accident and health team offer product expertise coupled with strong market relationships to deliver value to our clients. 

Below is a list of our capabilities, demonstrating why we would be the right partner for you:

  • We serve a number of clients operating across a range of industries
  • Market-leading claims advocacy 
  • Strong relationship with major emergency assistance and third party administration providers 
  • We work close working with our kidnap and ransom team, should our clients also have concerns about security risks 
  • Our strong employee benefits team can help dovetail coverage
  • Our ability to access the specialist London insurance market means that we can place cover for high risk industries - such as mining - that can be excluded by many local carriers 
  • We can also place cover for the world’s most hazardous countries, including war zones and areas at risk of natural hazard 
  • Our global team of 20 specialists have the industry knowledge and experience you require
  • We can manuscript policy wordings to match your contractual obligations or other specific needs.

Insurance Solutions

Our extensive cover for mining companies includes:

  • Tailored cover for:
    • Accident and disability (limits from USD 1 million to in excess of USD 100 million)
    • Life cover
    • Medical expenses for local and international employees
    • Global travel and emergency assistance
    • Catastrophic accident
    • Medical evacuation and repatriation
  • Specialist cover also available for key man or high net worth (HNW) individuals
  • Programmes can be structured for single individuals, or on a company-wide basis
  • Contractors, consultants and others, for whom the company has a duty of care, can be included.
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