Heap Leaching and Hacktivists

07 July 2014

In April 2014, software company Symantec published the Internet Security Threat Report 2014, which claimed that spear-phishing campaigns - email fraud attacks that appear to come from a trusted source - increased 91% in 2013. The industry most at risk of being targeted was mining with 1 in 2.7 mining firms attacked. Personal assistants were the most common targets. 

Cyber-attacks against western corporations over the past six months have been both numerous and severe. In December 2013, US retailer Target’s systems were hacked, resulting in the theft of 40 million credit card details and the personal contact details of 70 million shoppers. Between one and three million stolen cards were sold on the black market before they could be voided netting the hackers around $53.7 million, claims krebsonsecurity.com. Target’s profits for the fourth quarter dropped 46% year on year and five months later CEO Gregg Steinhafel resigned. 

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