P&I Market Review 2018

We are pleased to launch our latest annual report on the International Group Protection & Indemnity (P&I) market.

In our 2018 review we have provided financial and other key data about the 13 international group clubs, with each of the clubs’ financial statements presented on a like for like basis.

However, this year, we have devised a personality test for the P&I clubs where they have been asked to ‘force rank’ ten criteria that we think underpin the successful delivery of the mutual P&I product in the modern environment. All ten criteria are vitally important, and the margins between first and tenth are probably almost infinitesimally small in every case; but in the process of being forced to rank them in order we think some of the stylistic, even cultural differences between the clubs, are revealed.

The clubs have all responded with rankings, and at our invitation have provided some commentary on their thought process around this exercise. These comments vary from the fulsome to the succinct. We have also provided a brief commentary of our own on each club’s response, but have left the readers to make up their own mind on what the individual replies say about a club’s personality.

Download P&I Market Review.

For further information, please contact Mark Cracknell, Senior Partner, Marine Division on +44 207 558 3816 or email mark_cracknell@jltgroup.com.