The past decade has seen huge changes in the fine art sector. Values have increased dramatically leading to record-breaking fine art and coloured stone sales. Successful auction sales in the fall of 2017 and spring of 2018 saw auction houses eclipse previous highs evidencing the continuing interest in the top end of the art market.

Online sales have grown rapidly with platforms such as Instagram becoming a window for interested buyers and sellers alike, reaching a wider audience with ease. E-trading if you will, brings its own set of perils with cyber becoming an increasing challenge in this insurance sector.

In such a complex and demanding market, a fresh perspective is needed to ensure that you are adequately protected. This means working with a fine art insurance broker that has the flexibility, expertise and experience to make sure your coverage adapts to reflect your evolving risks.


Fine Arts What we do
Fine Arts Case Study

Our dedicated team of experts offer specialist insurance for clients in the following fields:

The art market is evolving fast and your insurance coverage needs to evolve too. Our specialised policies offer comprehensive coverage for your collectibles. You can protect everything from Old Masters to multimedia installations, as well as wine, rare books and musical instruments.

We excel at designing, placing and managing programmes for museums and institutions around the world. This means you’ll get expert advice and support on day-to-day challenges such as government indemnity schemes, complex loan agreements and the logistics of moving artworks around the world.

Shipping stock, dealing with customers and managing a small team: dealers and gallery owners face a range of risks. Whether you deal in contemporary art, antiquities, minerals or coins, we can use our specialist knowledge and contacts to create a product that supports your growing business.

The organiser of an exhibition faces the complex challenge of moving high value items by land, air and sea, coming from multiple territories, accompanied by the individual requirements of each lender.

Our in-depth experience means we can design programmes that will satisfy your lenders – from full all-risks coverage for the duration of the exhibition to contingency cover that supplements a government indemnity scheme.

Unlike dealers, artists need to cover the full lifecycle of their creative process. We can provide a specialist product that will properly compensate you following a loss. Coverage can extend to include your studio equipment, materials and models. We can arrange a tailored basis of valuation to cater for your sold, owned and commissioned works, as well as work in progress.

Packing, transporting and installing artworks can be a complex process – facilitating the logistics of large scale travelling exhibitions, handling diverse, fragile materials, carrying out art fair installations and ensuring customs clearances for international shipments. When handling valuable works that belong to others, comprehensive coverage and fast, effective claims management is essential.

Increasing values and online bidding are exposing auction houses to new risks. To provide the right coverage, we consider every stage of the valuation process – from estimated reserve to final hammer price.

As a coin or precious metals dealer, you can be anything from a hobbyist to a historian, dealing in the ancients to bullion. We can arrange comprehensive insurance that includes static coverage, convention cover, walk-around coverage and the all-important shipping coverage.



We can include coverage for fair expense costs that will reimburse for such an event.

This is a standard exclusion on most placements but we will include an element of this cover as standard.

Coverage for confiscation and seizure can be purchased as an additional level of coverage through one of our extensions.

Defective title coverage with substantial limits is standard in our contracts.


Still not sure if we’re the right broker for you? Here are three more reasons to trust our team:

Because we’ve worked with clients like you for the last 30 years, we really understand the intricacies involved in protecting fine art, diamonds and jewellery. We recognise how your industry – and risks– have evolved and are well-qualified to transact business between you and the insurance market, in a language you understand.

Our combination of experience and specialism means that however unusual your insurance need, you know we’ll have dealt with it before. We stay up to date with what’s happening in your sector and are able to adapt our products to meet your unique requirements.

Most claims are straightforward. But when they aren’t, you need someone on the ground to carry out those difficult negotiations with insurers in person.

Our in-house claims management team will do just that. They sit next to us in our London office, so they’re on hand when we’re designing your programme and ready to fight your corner in the event of a loss.

Case Studies

Fine Arts What we do

University art collection

The telephone rang on a Sunday afternoon. Our client advised that a once-in 500 year flood was expected in the next three days and requested guidance on how to protect their significant collection. Over 4000 pieces, mostly irreplaceable and some fragile in nature formed the USD 400 million collection.

We immediately contacted the leading insurer and began brain storming the logistics in mitigating the loss for all parties. By providing a knowledge based approach and a flexible insurance product we were able to provide coverage for safe removal and storage without additional costs to the insured.

Fine Arts What we do

Art Gallery protected

A significant exhibition had been planned for 18 month generating great interest in the art world. With art values exceeding USD 1 billion, comprehensive insurance cover is necessary.

The risk manager and broker did not have the market ability to obtain this volume of cover and without the capacity placement, lenders and institutions would be unwilling to loan the art leaving the exhibition in severe jeopardy, damaging the museum’s reputation and incurring huge costs.

Despite limited time afforded, JLT were contacted to assist and within 48 hours we managed to secure this capacity within the original budget of the museum. Within five days the placement was complete, with documents and lenders certificates issued to the interested parties.

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