Diamonds and Jewellery Insurance

We have seen many developments in the diamonds and jewellery sector over the past decade, these developments include consolidation, advancements of technology and growing regulation. A reduction in the global supply from the world’s diamond producing mines has led to a rise in prices. Despite these changes and challenges the industry continues to evolve and remains attractive to all generations.

In such a complex and demanding market, a fresh perspective is needed to ensure that you are properly protected. This means working with a broker that has the expertise and experience to make sure your coverage adapts to reflect your evolving risks.

Our diamonds and jewellery team is a highly specialist and experienced group who are able to design or source a wide range of products to help you manage your exposures and protect your business.

Put simply, we use our in-depth knowledge of your industry, your risks and your business to design competitively priced, innovative insurance solutions wherever you are in the world.


Diamonds & Jewellery What we do
Diamonds & Jewellery What we do

Our dedicated team of experts offer specialist insurance for clients in the following fields:


Historically the jewellery industry functioned in a fairly standard manner, with little distinction to be made for the countries in which a jeweller operated. Now compliance with local laws and legislation is called for. We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest luxury brands and jewellers for years. This means we know how to tailor your coverage to reflect your global operation, so your stock can be fully protected all around the world.


Technological improvements have lowered the risks involved in processing diamonds, and made it easier and more affordable to obtain insurance. At the same time rough diamond values have gone up dramatically, so if something does go wrong the loss can be huge. We can secure coverage for individual stones or annual cover for all your stones. The volume of business we have allows us to negotiate highly competitive rates.


Like retail jewellers, jewellery manufacturers and wholesalers need protection against physical loss and damage to their inventory – often for global operations. Where necessary we can access our network partners to allow you to trade globally whilst still benefiting from the convenience of a local broker.


With no credit checks and same day access to cash, pawnbrokers are becoming an attractive alternative to conventional loan arrangements. With pawned items potentially consisting of a wide range of products, it is important that the basis of valuation offers flexibility in terms of protecting the interest of the pawnbroker, as well as compensating the customer in the event of loss or damage to goods whilst in the pawnbroker’s care.

Our product is designed to ensure that your basis of valuation is reflective of the diverse nature of your stock, so that both you and your customer will be satisfied in the event of a claim.


If you operate globally you will need to ship globally, and whether your shipments are undertaken by an internationally recognised armoured car company or local courier, you need the peace of mind to know that your goods are fully protected throughout the entire transit. We can offer an insurance product which provides protection from the moment your package leaves your premises, until safely in the possession of the intended recipient.


A jewellers insurance policy will cover the valuable goods at your and third-party locations. It will also cover the goods in transit. The coverage can be tailored to your specific needs.

If jewellery is lost or stolen, a simple way to insure the item is at replacement cost another way is to cover the goods at cost price plus an agreed mark up percentage.

Yes, a dedicated Jewellers policy can include this coverage should it ever be required. This can have some complexities due to the nature of the goods and some of the protections required to insure and protect these adequately.

Keys Facts

Place insurance for some of the world's top luxury brandsJLT operate in all of the world's major diamond centres1000+ jeweller and diamond dealers insured since 2015placed insurance for some of the largest rough diamond cuts


Still not sure if we're the right broker for you? Here are three more reasons to trust our team:


Because we’ve worked with clients like you for the last 30 years, we really understand the intricacies involved in protecting diamonds and jewellery. We recognise how your industry – and risks– have evolved and are well-qualified to transact business between you and the insurance market, in a language you understand.


Our combination of experience and specialism means that however unusual your insurance need, you know we’ll have dealt with it before.

We stay up to date with what’s happening in your sector and are able to adapt our products to meet your unique requirements.


Most claims are straightforward. But when they aren’t, you need someone on the ground to carry out those difficult negotiations with insurers in person. Our in-house claims management team will do just that. They sit next to us in our London office, so they’re on hand when we’re designing your programme and ready to fight your corner in the event that you make a claim.

Case Study

Diamonds & Jewellery Case Study

Jewellery loan 3 day coverage

A well-known personality was appearing on a well known American television show looking to borrow some jewellery over the weekend in the US. Both he and the jeweller wanted to take this opportunity to display the jewellery and create some good PR. The business manager was tasked with organising the insurance.

We received a phone call late on a Friday from the business manager who was under extreme pressure to secure insurance coverage to appease the jeweller and allow them to lend the exceptionally valuable jewels to the personality over the weekend.

The business manager and the broker concerned were now faced with a crisis. To secure specialised one off insurance coverage at very short notice to allow the jeweller to lend the jewellery.

We assessed all of our options being aware that the existing London insurers were unobtainable due it being a late one Friday evening, we had limited time to find a solution.

We evaluated which US carriers were prepared to write this type of cover and would be reachable at this late hour. We were forced to contact potential insurers on their personal mobile numbers and negotiate the required coverage on behalf of our client. As a result we were able to place three day coverage for the borrowed jewellery to the huge relief of the business manager which allowed the personality to appear on the show with the jewellery.

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